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Is a High School Football the same size as an NFL football?

High School Football

When your kid begins playing football, it’s crucial to pick the right-sized ball for them. Even though NFL and high school footballs might seem alike, they come in different sizes. Understanding how to choose the right size ensures your child can have fun playing for years to come.”

College football

College football is similar in size to high school football, but there are some differences. College games are shorter, lasting between 48 to 60 minutes. They have their own equipment and rules.

NFL players are larger than college players, so NFL footballs are a bit bigger and harder to throw.

The field’s length is the same for high school and college football, at 100 yards by 53-1/3 yards, with a tiny difference.

NFL goalposts are taller at 20 feet, while college goalposts are 10 feet high.

College footballs have a slightly smaller circumference, ranging from 20-3/4 inches to 21-1/4 inches, which matters for kicking.”

High school football

“When comparing high school football to the NFL, there isn’t a big difference. However, if you plan to play college football, you’ll need a slightly larger football.

If you’re uncertain about the size to choose, consider factors like the field’s length and the goalpost spacing. Generally, NFL fields are a bit larger than college fields, which is why NFL footballs are a tad bigger.

One obvious contrast between the NFL and college football is the distance between the goalposts. NFL goalposts are 35 feet tall, while college ones are only 10 feet high.

Both leagues have end zones, each measuring ten yards in depth, where scoring occurs. 

NFL football

When you look at NFL footballs, you’ll see they’re bigger than high school footballs. This is because they’re made with better materials and have more weight, giving players a better grip.

Football players need good hands to catch the ball and know the out-of-bounds area, so a size that fits their larger hands is crucial.

The size of a football field is set by official governing bodies like the NFL, NCAAF, and NFHS. You can find these dimensions in the game’s rules.College fields are 40 feet, 5 inches wide, and 53-1/3 yards long.”

Picking the Correct Football Size for Your Child”

Selecting the right-sized football for your child is crucial for their safety, health, and enjoyment of the game. Footballs come in various sizes due to differences in materials, and not all are suitable for every age.

To pick the correct size, consider your child’s age. For instance, a 6-year-old shouldn’t use an adult-sized football; it’s too hard to handle. If your child is just starting, opt for a smaller football to help them learn the game.

A general guideline is that a youth football should have a circumference of at least 24 inches. Anything larger would be too heavy for a young child. Footballs are made in different sizes to accommodate various age groups.”

Five Reasons Why High School Football Can Be Better Than College Football

  • High school players play for their schools, communities, and friends. College players often have NFL dreams and may play far from home.
  • High school coaches are often pioneers, introducing new strategies. College coaches tend to follow suit later. For example, the Spread offense started in a Texas high school in the 1920s, while the Run and Shoot was used by an Ohio high school coach in the 1950s.
  • High school teams face tough opponents from the start. Some college teams start with easier games.
  • High school fans are passionate without needing alcohol-fueled tailgates.
  • High school game tickets are affordable, while college games can be expensive.”

Why High School Football Can Be Better Than the NFL Five Reasons?

  • Former NFL players visit their old teams or get honored during halftime. Former high school players return whenever they can and even coach for free.
  • LeBron James, one of the world’s top athletes, played high school football.
  • The oldest NFL rivalry is the Bears-Cardinals, but there are over 100 high school rivalries older than a century.
  • In the NFL, players may miss games due to serious legal issues. In high school, missing games might happen if you skip third-period homeroom.
  • Pro football is heavily influenced by gambling, with fans tracking point spreads and fantasy football. High school football gambling usually involves a simple 50-50 raffle at halftime.


High school footballs are not the same size as NFL footballs. They are a bit smaller. This size difference is important to know, as it helps players have the right equipment for their level of play. So, when you’re getting ready to hit the field, make sure you have the right-sized football to enjoy the game to the fullest.