Wednesday, October 4

Kekma net

Be careful with such carnage and scam sites that are continuously circling on the web. Client from any region of the planet like the Philippines, France, Germany, United States could never know when it will set off them in destructive ways. It is amusing to savage anybody in the event that the jokes don’t go excessively outrageous. As many are looking through the Website on account of interest.

What is

Keema is a shocking online site displaying NSFL information on the web and coursing such happiness around the world. It has been rehearsed in invasion assaults on different subreddits and Dispute organizations. It incorporates grown-up and potentially offensive humor regardless of who is coming on the site. It was made on 23 April 2019 by Obok The Second.

What type of content is displayed on the website?

After getting to the internet-based website, it addresses a sign that it “incorporates dark, grown-up humor” and questions to proceed. The client is brought to the primary page to show the GIF-based NSFL pictures by following the connection given on the web. The NSFL information on Kekma consolidates:

  • A blazing background GIF connected with an abhorrent photo of a creature tormented in a non-humanly way.
  • The fundamental video of a person sitting in a puddle of blood and the dismal picture isn’t reasonable that any client might see.

The online website includes a quickly glinting NSFL picture followed by shrill individual shouting. The principal website page is fullscreen content and when the client needs to drop the page gives a confirmation spring up, diminishing the leaving.

What do the users understand by the rickrolling & Website?

Rickrolling is well known for a drawn-out period, and the web inhales it. It’s a way to salvage or mess around with others that isn’t at all hurtful. In the rickroll, the client taps the connection and shows a few arbitrary pictures.

Is safe?

The webpage isn’t generally protected from surf and incorporates NSFL subjects and web joins. Watchers’ prudence is suggested. It can set off the client who is touchy to such happiness without knowing what the site involves. The web is made in that way to deal with innocuously savage, i.e., “rickrolling.” The trick has taken to the drastic course of action where the clients look for such audits and Reddit strings in the event that they merit visiting Website or not. This isn’t genuine and could take the client’s information.

What are users saying about

The site content moved for this present year in the areas in South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and others. This prompts more clients to tap the site to see the pictures. Try not to be excessively curious about the connection as the portrayal is perilous and postpones the cycle to exit.

Final Verdict

That savage has been on the Website for quite a while, and in light of the client’s interest, the Kekma can be destructive like a rickroll. The delicate client and rather anybody are prompted not to tap the connection “Don’t Enter the Website”.