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Kidney Transplant: Procedure, Cost, Risk Associated with Renal Transplant

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure done to replace a diseased kidney or a failed kidney with a healthy kidney from another person.

Kidney Transplant Procedure 

Kidney transplant procedures are performed in hospitals by experienced specialists. First, patients will be given an anesthetic to put them to sleep during the operation. A surgeon will make an incision to remove the diseased kidney. A healthy kidney is then removed from a donor and placed in the patient’s body. The recovery process is similar to that of any other surgery. Sometimes, the patient immediately feels good after the surgery while some patients may feel a little uncomfortable.

Cost of Kidney Transplant

The average cost of a kidney transplant is normally in the range of INR 7-10 lakhs. This amount is inclusive of the cost of surgery, medicines, and other expenses during the period of hospitalization. The cost of transplant surgery also depends on several factors. These factors include the hospital, geographical location, and living costs in that area.

Risk Associated with Renal Transplant

A kidney transplant is known to be one of the most successful surgical procedures in today’s world. There is about a 98% to 99% success rate for transplantation, which means that the procedure can be successful in replacing a kidney that isn’t functioning well. There are also risks involved like organ rejection, which has around a 1 percent to 10 percent chance of happening.

Other risks include blood clots, failure of the kidney, infection in the urinary tract, etc. To prevent rejection, recipients must take drugs that suppress the immune system and prevent it from attacking the new organ. Some problems can be prevented by following a proper diet and interacting with a medical team.

Kidney transplants are performed only after a thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history, including past hospitalizations, surgical history, and family health history. Kidney transplant candidates are evaluated for their general health status and dependability, as well as the number of years they have spent on dialysis and the number of times they have been hospitalized during that time.

Kidney transplantation is a complex procedure but has a high rate of success when performed by a highly skilled and experienced team. Those looking for hospitals for kidney transplantation can search for the best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai and schedule an appointment after a thorough consultation with a specialist.


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