Wednesday, December 6

Kids and Advertising: Using the most vulnerable target group.

Advertisement is one of the best ways to drive more customers. It is the leading marketing campaign used by marketing agencies to attract maximum consumers in less time.


Now, it is simpler because most people are present on social media. They love watching their favorite celebrities and influencers on social media screens. So, the advertising agencies introduce the favorite faces of the public and get customers for brands.


As the advertisement industry is growing, it involves people of all age groups in their campaigns, even innocent kids.


Well, this topic is heavily in debate, and people have a lot to suggest. Most people are against this concept as they consider kids a vulnerable target group for advertisement strategies.


Bringing kids on bigger platforms boosts up their confidence, but there are some concerns as well. Like, if you involve them in supporting unhealthy food, it means you are promoting something harmful.


Kids are innocent, and they have no idea of good and bad at a young age. They enjoy being a part of campaigns as it is a source of joy as well as income for them. Even if you do research related to kids, like Google french names for boys, you will see a lot of ads promoting kids’ games and unhealthy food products.


In this article, we will discuss the presence of kids in advertisements and its overall effect on society, so make sure to give a complete read.


The advertisement agency is a self-regulating industry. Although there are a lot of restrictions followed by advertisement companies, still they choose kids for their campaigns.


 A lot of debate is already going on this topic but the facts do not support the idea of involving kids in this self-regulatory agency.


Kids are innocent


Children are an innocent target group as they have little to no sense of good and bad. They will think about certain food items and their impact on their health no matter how intelligent they seem.


Kids are kids, and nobody can take away from this thought. They get attracted to different foods and colorful products. If you offer chocolate they will eat it instantly, without giving a second thought. They will not pay attention to how their teeth get affected by too much chocolate. They will eat it because they love it.


They are at an age where they cannot make the right decision or think twice regarding something. Their innocence overpowers everything as the vision of kids is small. And as they see a kid doing an advertisement for candy or something else, get overwhelmed in seconds.


Everything promoted through advertisements on television is not healthy both physically and mentally. And kids are not aware of this idea, they easily accept a product if they see their age-fellows promoting it.


So, among all the age groups, children are a vulnerable target group because they get their gain without forcing them to buy something particular.


Effects their eating habits


Children require healthy food and healthy food habits to stay healthy. They cannot decide on meals for themselves, so it is the responsibility of parents to do it for them.


When they see their favorite cartoons on television or YouTube they see advertisements simultaneously. And most of the advertisements are related to unhealthy food products.



You cannot switch that advertisement every time they appear, and it increases kids’ interest in healthy food products. Whatever you try, they will still ask for it.


It would affect both their health and their eating habits. They would avoid eating what you would offer. In some cases, the parents neglect everything and listen to what their kid says.


The opinion of kids is directly related to the taste of the advertisement. If it is more exciting and colorful than something present in front of them, they will always choose the food in the advertisement over it.


It is how the cycle of eating junk food begins and later affects kids’ health.


Effects their mental health


Advertisement is a big agency, and it does not stop at food. It is much more than that. It promotes online games, TV Shows, and much more.


Online games have greatly affected kids’ health. They get subjected to fighting games and some other engaging games. A lot of advertisement promotes online kids’ games using children in them.


It increases kids’ interest, and those addicted to online games face a lot of problems in their studies. They cannot focus on their studies and love to spend maximum time of the day and night on gaming.


The gaming industry is already creating a buzz in the market, and if you do research, you will find kids playing an essential role in its progress. Unfortunately, kids are the largest audience for online games, and the advertisement agency is using them well for it.


Too much gaming makes kids aggressive, and directly affects their mental health.