Saturday, September 23

Lack of Sleep? Try These Yoga Exercises

Working late every night? Is checking out social media part of your night routine? A lack of sleep is the most common health issue that will impact you. But, sleep deprivation has become a pandemic especially during this pandemic.

With round-the-clock access to technology, taking time off took a back seat. This causes you to be sleep-deprived. One of these issues is Insomnia which is a chronic sleep disorder.

Let us first understand what damage lack of sleep does to your mental and physical health.

Effect of Lack of Sleep on Health

When you sleep on time, your body repairs itself on a cellular level. It also helps your tissues grow and repair. For this to happen you have to get at least 6 to 8 hours of daily sleep every night.

Unfortunately, work at school or office makes it harder for you to get those hours of sleep. A lack of sleep leads to health problems like hypertension, diabetes, depression, and cancer. But that is not all. Long-term lack of sleep causes you to lose productivity and impacts your ability to take sound decisions.

You can follow a few simple techniques to get rid of this issue.

Tips to Sleep Better

  • Sleep experts alwasy emphasize on the importance of having a bedtime routine. Following this routine signals your body that it is time to rest.
  • Thus, given below are a few easy-to-follow secrets you can inculcate in daily routine to sleep peacefully at night.
  • Listen to soft instrumental music, mantras, or read a book before going to sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping during the day. It disturbs your body’s natural biological clock.
  • Include meditation in your daily routine. Yoga experts recommend that you meditate during early morning, and afternoon. Keep the duration for a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Have your dinner maximum by 8 or 8:30 pm. Make sure there is a break of two hours between your last meal and sleep.
  • Reflect on your day. Sit on your bed with a feeling of contentment and fulfillment.
  • Do not consume any stimulants before sleeping especially if you suffer from Insomnia.

Apart from this there are a few yoga exercises you can do to enjoy good quality sleep.

Yoga for Sleep

If you find it hard to enjoy a good night’s sleep, yoga can help you do that. Daily yoga practice has proven useful in helping cure insomnia and abnormal sleeping habits.

There are some yoga exercises that relax the central nervous system. This helps your body enter into a restful state and lets you sleep.

Taking the above statement into consideration, given below are the best yoga exercises for a deep sleep.

1. Cat Stretch

The best yoga asana to improve spinal flexibilty. This yoga exercise gives your digestive system a gentle massage and improves digestion. Daily practice of this yoga pose also increases blood circulation to relax the mind and help you sleep.

2. Guided Meditation

The Guided meditation for sleep is done under the guidance of another individual. Your mind is unable to focus on trivial matters since it is under the control of another person’s voice. This is a powerful meditation technique that beats stress and helps you sleep like a baby.

3. Child’s Pose

An effective yoga exercise that gives your back a gentle stretch. It calms down your nervous system. This helps you enjoy quality sleep.

4. Forward Bend Pose

If you want to practice a yoga asana that stretches your back muscles, this is it. The Forward Bend pose boosts the nervous system by increasing blood supply. It also keeps your spine supple.

5. Yogic Sleep

Do you find it hard to sleep peacefully at night? Make yoga nidra for insomnia a part of your daily life. The yogic sleep helps you relax the entire body and mind after a tiring day at work.

Lack of sleep has become the modern-day endemic. It has led to emergence of many other health issues like hypertension, insomnia, and in some cases even death. You should make yoga a part of your daily life to prevent a lack of sleep.


Finding it hard to sleep peacefully at night? Want to get rid of this issue and get back those lost Z’s? Enroll in a certified yoga school and learn yoga nidra for insomnia from the experts.