Wednesday, October 4

Learn GP Rating Course To Perform Engine Room And Deck Tasks

Do you want to try your career in a different stream? Do you want to make your career in the merchant navy? Apart from the national defense academy course, you can become a professional in deck and engine room tasks. To be trained in the engine room and deck tasks, you need to do the gp rating in merchant navy course from the eminent merchant navy institute. You will be provided with the required training which you need to execute on either the engine department or deck department. The main purpose of this training is to perform tasks connected to cargo handling, seamanship, operation and maintenance of machinery and maintenance work on the deck.

About GP Rating Course 

If you wish to have gp rating training, then you will have to pursue the course right after completing 10th exam. The duration of the gp rating program is six months. It is basically a residential pre-sea training which helps you start your career in merchant navy as an engine rating or a deck officer. The motto of the program is to include the combined study of engineering and deck subjects. Moreover, the course will cover all aspects of deck and engine which will make you a seafaring person. The course comprises physical drills, swimming, rope and mast climbing, workshop training, fire fighting exercises, life saving appliances usage and ship visits. 

After you complete the pre-sea training,  an external exam is conducted by the Board of Examination of Seafarers. As you complete the course successfully, the successful candidates get a continuous discharge certificate which helps you work with international and Indian shipping organizations. You can work as trainee fitter, trainee ordinary seaman and trainee oiler.

Educational Qualifications And Eligibility Criteria 

Educational Qualifications:

To apply for the gp rating program, you should present a 10th pass certificate which is the minimum educational qualification. If you have other advanced educational qualifications, then you can present the certificates to the authorities. If you have failed in the 12th exam, you can still apply for the gp rating program.

Eligibility Requirements:

When it comes to the eligibility criteria, there are three prime things to take into consideration such as medical standards, educational qualifications and age of a candidate.

Medical Standards:

As per merchant shipping rules, if you want to apply for the gp rating program, you need to be medically and physically fit. You should be fit for the role of seafaring. Candidates should not suffer from color blindness issues and the requirement of eyesight is 6/6 in both eyes.

Age Requirement:

During the process of admission, a candidate’s age is taken into consideration. The age limit is between 18 and 25 years of age.

Join The GP Rating Program 

The duration of the gp rating course in the esteemed institute is six months. The training consists of practical and theoretical study of general ship knowledge and marine engineering knowledge which will provide you the opportunity to join in the engineering department and in the deck of the merchant navy.

Make your career shine in the merchant navy services by getting trained in the deck and engineering department.