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Learn more about how to choose an effective Vacuum Storage Cabinet

Cleanliness and maintenance of equipment in a functional laboratory are of utmost priority. These help to create a contaminant-free laboratory environment and prevent the spread of any harmful compounds or chemicals outside the lab premises. In order to keep the laboratory premises, clean and tidy, the most important instrument is a vacuum cleaner. Now, according to the operational size of a lab, the size of the vacuum clear varies. For an industrial-scale lab, the vacuum clear and related machinery is quite a lot to manage and maintain. Even for a small-scale experimental lab, management of vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, and related machinery can be a bit troublesome. Therefore, before designing a lab space, it has to be made sure that separate storage space for vacuum cleaners and cleaning-related supplies is present in the lab.

Designing a Vacuum storage cabinet can solve all your problems related to the storage of the machine and related cleaning supplies. If you are currently designing a lab or remodeling a lab space, you should also think in this direction, in order to keep your lab space clean.

Designing and creating a lab is quite hectic and takes a lot of time and effort. So, to relieve some pressure from your mind with respect to the arrangement of vacuum storage space, here we discuss some facts about vacuum storage cabinet.

Size and shape of the cabinet:

First and foremost, the thing to keep in mind is the size and shape of the storage cabinet. Working in a confined lab environment is already stressful and you do not want to add more stress to it by creating an obnoxious-looking storage unit. Hence, please plan before regarding the model of the vacuum cleaner that you want to get for the space. The height, breadth, and weight of the machine and accessories should be properly noted in order to under the dimensions of the cabinet. This will also enable you to decide about the shape of the cabinet. Always keep some more room in the cabinet for storing the cleaning supplies. This will save you a lot of space and make you more organized. If the breadth of the machine is 6 to 9inches, the breadth of the cabinet should be selected as 13 to 15 inches. The vacuum cleaner generally has a long suction pipe and it should not be bent, otherwise, there might be a malfunction in the mechanism. Hence keeping some extra space is always a wise decision.

Location of the cabinet:

The second thing to consider is the location of the closet. If you work with highly flammable, corrosive, or any other type of chemicals in your lab, then it is best to design the closet space away from the chemical storage cabinet. In case of an accidental spill, the cleaning supplies might get affected. Similarly, you should not design the storage cabinet right at the entry point of the lab. It messes up the orientation of the whole laboratory because you do not want to see a vacuum cleaner sitting in front of the lab entrance at any point of the day. Hence, it is best to create the space at a corner where there is less movement and no obstructions are present. In case of any emergency situation inside the lab, you should be able to access the cleaning storage immediately. Therefore, choosing an obstruction-free area is a must.

Material of the cabinet:

Be it an industrial-scale lab or a small lab, the material of the cabinet should always be reinforced steel. We understand, that there is always some budget-related issue, related to the lab, but you should not make a huge compromise in this regard because the safety of all the people involved in the lab is the utmost priority. As mentioned before, re-enforced steel is the best choice for the cabinet, but if you are going for a sleek look, aluminum cabinets with steel hinges and locks is also a viable and nice alternative. Refrain from using stainless steel, as it will attract scratches on the cabinet surface, and while taking out the machine and/or keeping it inside scratches can happen quite easily. Therefore, stainless steel cabinets should be avoided. Now to add more safety to the cabinet, it is recommended to add the fireproof and corrosion-proof coating, as it will increase the longevity of the cabinet and keep away any kind of rust or corrosion. Also, these coatings are quite inexpensive and in order to have long-lasting cabinet space for the cleaning supplies, you can go the extra mile.

If these cabinets are not enough to cover up your need then you should look for something else, like a company that is providing storage services. Always look for a company that assure you that your belongings will be safe there. Storage surrey BC can cover up all your needs as they are design to cover up large items.