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Life after Umrah – 8 Things to Do When You Return Home!


Umrah a minor pilgrimage is a great blessing and a source of spiritual contentment. It is thought to be the calmest way to Jannah (heaven). Even though the Umrah travel is difficult it takes a lot of discipline and commitment to maintain purity and piety in everyday life after the Umrah. But Umrah Packages are the best way to perform the Umrah Pilgrimage because it includes all the essentials which a pilgrim needs during this prestigious journey.

One is free from all obligations to family employment home life etc. while performing Umrah. It is a pilgrimage to a world without negativity or evil where everyone is engaged in worshipping Allah Almighty. A pilgrim’s main concern is to do this act of worship to the best of his or her ability and seek Allah’s blessings and forgiveness. They can do so because there are no distractions or recreational pursuits while staying there.

Once they return home however they are once more trapped by responsibilities hardships wrongdoings sins and tiredness. Even though the Umrah journey was jam-packed with accomplishments dedication and excellent benefits all the effort and time invested in Makkah can be challenging to maintain after one comes back home. Maintaining the same level of spirituality in the midst of worldly difficulties can be challenging but not impossible.

Table Of Contents:

What Should I Do After Returning From My Umrah?

  1. Strive Hard To Connect With Allah
  2. Always Remember Your Lord In Whatever You Do
  3. Establish Good Habits
  4. After Umrah, Include Prayer In Your Normal Day-To-Day Routine
  5. Show Consideration For Others
  6. Do Charitable & Kind Acts
  7. Share Your Knowledge & Experience With Others
  8. Seek Forgiveness & Repentance

Wrapping up

What Should I Do After Returning From My Umrah?

Five essential things done with consistency and diligence will take you on the path of righteousness and spiritual pursuits. Let’s enumerate them one by one;

1. Strive Hard To Connect With Allah:

The pilgrims follow a number of guidelines regarding their personal and social behavior while on their pilgrimage. You can maintain and strengthen your connection with Allah by incorporating them into your life after Umrah. Always maintain calm and patience stick to your belief in Allah and avoid misuse of words hurting others cursing etc.

2. Always Remember Your Lord In Whatever You Do:

You will often reflect on your experiences in Makkah once your pilgrimage is over and you come back home. The mentions of Allah decline throughout time. However being thankful to Allah Almighty and remembering Him should not be a temporary phase. Make a point of thanking Allah for your good fortune and acknowledging Him in whatever you do.

3. Establish Good Habits:

Umrah illuminates how establishing good habits can improve one’s life. It allows pilgrims to make changes in the things they do and how they do them. The pilgrimage is not only a spiritual experience but it also emphasizes the significance of good habits in everyday life for all Muslims. Therefore adopting good habits and sticking to them even after returning from Umrah is also a must-do.

4. After Umrah, Include Prayer In Your Normal Day-To-Day Routine:

Most pilgrims are unable to continue their prayer habit once they return home. Maintaining your prayers is a sure way to reach Jannah. It will also help you deal with everyday concerns and encourage punctuality and discipline throughout your life. After returning from Umrah it becomes your responsibility to offer all of your prayers on time and to persuade your friend’s family and neighbors to do the same. As Allah chose you to complete the sacred pilgrimage of Umrah He has entrusted you with the responsibility of teaching His religion and beliefs to others it is a pilgrim’s responsibility to fulfill this commitment.

5. Show Consideration for Others.

The great Ibadah (worship) teaches a Muslim about life, people, and relationships. When a Muslim comes back from Umrah he or she should be as concerned about the lives of those around him or her just like he or she was in Makkah. Maintaining this habit will make their lives more pleasant and will assist them in keeping good relationships with everyone. Surround oneself with good deeds to get the actual benefits of Umrah.

6. Do Charitable & Kind Acts:

Let the acts of charity and kindness that you encountered during Umrah be a part of your everyday life. Do charitable acts, assist people in need and be generous with your time, resources, and compassion. You can bring the spirit of Umrah into the world by reflecting on the virtues of compassion and kindness.

7. Share Your Knowledge & Experience With Others:

Umrah’s life changing power goes beyond your personal spiritual journey. Continue to share your knowledge and experiences with others especially those who are planning to perform Umrah. By encouraging and guiding others on their way to Umrah you can majorly contribute to the spiritual growth of the community as a whole.

8. Seek Forgiveness & Repentance:

Use this post Umrah period as an opportunity to seek forgiveness for your past sins and repent to Allah. Turn your heart sincerely toward Him and resolve to avoid wrongdoing. So even after one gets back from Umrah you need to seek forgiveness from Allah for all your misdeeds, and sins.

During the Umrah performance all the pilgrims leave their ordinary routine including all their materialistic desires to be close to Allah and grab His pleasures. Their all-worldly priorities shift toward more natural & spiritual concerns. But as they come back from Umrah the routine of the majority of them changes and again shifts toward materialistic concerns.

A pilgrim must strive hard to keep himself/herself just like he/she was in Makkah during the Umrah pilgrimage. By assisting others contacting Allah Almighty by praying and taking part in charitable acts one can experience spiritual growth and make it a part of their life after completing Umrah. So why wait? Want to grab this sort of spiritually successful everyday life after returning home? If so, explore the best yet cheap Umrah packages from a trusted travel firm to observe the true essence of Umrah!