Thursday, October 5

Massage as a relaxation technique has great value.

Through touch we transmit calm and feel the state of the person who receives it, her tension or relaxation; through our hands we transmit positive energy and serenity. It improves muscle tone, eliminates contractures and promotes constructive relationships between partners (See educational value).

You can work on one or several secondary education courses, although the didactic unit that we propose is for 3rd ESO students who have already worked on other relaxation techniques in previous courses. Regarding its distribution over time, we propose that it be carried out in the third term due to the probable tension of the last stretch of the course and its exams. In this way, students will find in the sessions of this unit a place to eliminate stress and recover energy. The pleasant temperature of the spring months also makes it easier to carry out relaxation activities. It will be done in 6 sessions.

In the first session, body contact games will be practiced to favor the disinhibition of the students.

At the end of the session, a sharing is carried out with the perceived sensations.

Development of the sessions

  • Presentation of the teaching unit.
  • The relaxation. Relaxation 마사지
  • Effects. Contraindications
  • Initial evaluation of concepts and procedures. Body area to manipulate: partner’s arm.
  • Body contact games :

    “The astronaut”: A student is transported by several classmates.

“The Pendulum”: One lets himself fall and the partner gently pushes him up again.

“The mirror”: One moves and the partner has to perform the same movements (touching each other’s fingertips).

Scan the face of the other with closed eyes and try to find out who he is.

    Recognize objects that we have previously placed in a box with our eyes closed.

Hold the partner’s hand in different ways to show different emotions: you can express doubt, love, anger, caution (with your eyes closed visualize images of tenderness, anger, indifference… and touch)

Sitting one behind the other, we draw numbers or letters on the partner’s back and the partner must find them out.

    Back to back massage.

Lightly roll a small ball on your partner’s back.

Slow music and improvise massage movements on the partner, letting yourself be carried away by the sound stimulus.

Presentation of the session

  • Warming hands
  • Basic manipulations
  • Body areas to work: arms, neck.
  • pooling
  • Presentation of the session
  • Warming hands
  • Practice of basic manipulations. Body area to work: back.
  • pooling

    Presentation of the session

  • Warming hands
  • Practice of basic manipulations. Body area to work: legs.
  • pooling
  • Presentation of the session
  • Warming hands.
  • Practice: Relaxation massage in body area to choose.
  • Group massage. Perform a 4-hand massage, that is, two masseuses at the same time.
  • pooling

    Conceptual and procedural evaluation

  • Evaluation
  • Initial
  • It is done through short questions:
  • Concept of relaxation
  • Benefits of massage
  • Contraindications…

To assess the initial level of the procedures in pairs, they perform massage manipulations (what each student knows or improvises) on the partner’s arm or on their own thigh (in this way they discover the sensations when applying and receiving massage) writing down on a list of control.