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Pakistan Poultry Prices Prediction 2022

2020 Prices

Due to the rapid rise of the Covid 19 epidemic, chicken production in Punjab has severely fallen in 2020, according to numerous Lahore News authorities. The closure of hotels and the prohibition of large wedding events, which use a large amount of meat for different meals, forced farmers to close their farms, causing chicken meat and egg prices to rise to an average of Rs. 300 per kg for meat and Rs. 197 per dozen for eggs. However, in open marketplaces, egg prices were increased to Rs 216 per dozen and meat prices to Rs 320 per kg.

Farmers believe the pandemic virus is responsible for alarmingly high rates. They also believe that the failure of the maize harvest and the higher cost of the wheat grain is another factor for the high poultry rates.

Another growing responsibility for rising poultry rates was placed on the government, as detailed by farmers, who said that they had alerted the authorities prior to the start of the winter season. However, the government was pressed to accept a small rise in poultry rates, which they believed would boost output, but these petitions fell on deaf ears.

2021 Prices

However, in 2021, poultry output started to recover, and the widespread rates began to decline as the covid 19 situation returned to normal, albeit not completely. Farmers were likewise delighted with the situation, and their standard of life improved as a result of the increased work prospects. The meat was used since hotels and wedding venues were only permitted to operate for a certain number of hours.

With the arrival of a harsh winter, however, the costs of eggs and poultry on the open market skyrocketed. During the winter, eggs grew beyond of reach for the poor, while shaving and poultry costs continued to increase. Shaver eggs cost Rs 185 a dozen at wholesale and Rs 200 per dozen in grocery stores and bakeries on the open market. The demand for hens and eggs surged as the cold wave became stronger.

Inflation in the nation increased by 0.11 percent in one week, according to the statistics office, after increases in the cost of 20 basic goods. The egg rate does not seem to be breaking today, and the price of a dozen eggs has risen by Rs6.26 in a week. Eggs increased in price by Rs. 6-26 a dozen, with the most costly eggs being sold at the highest price.

It was agreed to introduce an open auction system for wholesale and purchase of chickens and eggs, under which buying and selling would be subject to the Market Committee’s regulations and procedures, in order to limit inflation and set prices in a transparent way.

2022 Prediction

In 2022, the pandemic situation is predicted to improve even further, resulting in average rates. Analysts predict that poultry will sell for 6.59 BRL/Kgs. In the next 12 months, it is expected to trade at $6.26.

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