Wednesday, October 4

Pedestrian Bridge Lighting: What all you need to Consider

In the built environment, there has been a positive trend toward enhancing pedestrian access. From simple privileges of connecting various pedestrian main streets through towns to the growing presence of shared-use paths on highways, we have entered an era when people are not only focusing on automobiles. New pedestrian bridges are built regularly to ensure the safety of pedestrian traffic in our cities.

Because of their convenience of installation and low cost, pedestrian bridges are an excellent alternative to subways. Additionally, when crossing an open bridge, individuals feel safer.

However, the bridges are well-illuminated with sunlight, but at night a good LED lighting system is essential to make pedestrians feel safer in the dark. It aids in decreasing crime rates. There are two prime terms to consider while illuminating these bridges. One is functionality and the other is decoration. Furthermore, there are many things to know and consider while working on the pedestrian bridge lighting project.

Understanding of general lighting and decorative lighting for pedestrian bridges

General lighting

Lighting poles of around 3-4 metres that are not too high are positioned on the border of the passage to provide general lighting on a pedestrian bridge. The bridge’s construction pieces can potentially be used to create other settlements. Lighting devices that give a specific light distribution, such as those used on pedestrian guardrails, can also be equipped with appropriate illumination. The most critical element here is to provide enough lighting without disrupting pedestrians or causing light pollution.

Mostly, 5 lux light levels are suggested on pedestrian bridges and comparable pedestrian walking paths. These levels of lighting provide a safe atmosphere for pedestrians.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is achieved by illuminating the bridge’s architectural elements with light. Wall washers, LED floodlights, flexible neon LEDs, pixel LEDs, and other lighting options are used to provide this accent lighting.

In the evening, a well-lit pedestrian bridge with complementary colours can make a beautiful scene. Pedestrian bridges with illumination that attracts attention will appear in the background of many images, contributing to the city’s promotion.

The lighting components used in the pedestrian bridge illumination should be weatherproof. It should be water, dust, and moisture resistant. Products with strong light output and long service life should be preferred for energy savings. To get all these characteristics, one needs to keep the following things in mind.

  • Luminaires used in pedestrian bridges should be IP65 rated.
  • These lights must be eco-friendly.
  • The LUX level should be appropriate to avoid light pollution.
  • And, the most important thing is that luminaires should be purchased from well-known brands like Wipro Lighting that never compromise the quality of the product.

Moreover, before making a purchase, it is crucial for professionals like designers and engineers to do in-depth market research and use the best product. After all, more than decoration it is a matter of public safety.