Wednesday, October 4

Road Ahead for Imran Khan, Will He Comeback?

Actually Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan forget that the politics and cricket has lot of different, whose political career didn’t worked as per his expectation. He was expecting that he his stardom will help you gain public votes and he can smoothly run his political career but he forget that politics is a different game its not the cricket.

Imran Khan failed to get the votes that can keep his government, no confidence motion is a statement about whether a person in a position of responsibility is still believed fit to hold that position. Believe it or not Imran Khan failed to deliver what he promises when he came in to power. Imran Khan would not like to resign but he was failed to get the votes of the parliament members. 

He could choose the way to quitting the government with honorable way but he try to stick to the power until he loses the number game. In his cricket career he was known for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. The year was 1986 in Sharjah, Imran Khan was the captain of Pakistan cricket team and at the last ball six by Javed Miandad off India’s Chetan Sharma became the symbol at that time. So he was like a superstar at that time.

Imran Khan tried to shows the same spirit in the politics as well but it didn’t worked well, he was kept saying the same thing that he will fight till the last ball. During his time he got cleaned up by a united opposition where the Pakistan Army played a neutral role like umpire. It seems like he has not yet came out from the cricket aura till date.

At the Point of Retirement, He Still Thinks to Retry & Won

In January 1988, Pakistan’s President General Zia ul Haq who was killed in a plane accident sometime thereafter made an individual solicitation to Imran Khan to continue playing for Pakistan. He was unable to reject and reported his second accompanying a noteworthy win over the strong West Indies on their home turf in a Test match.

After four years, Imran Khan took the Pakistan group to their main World Cup triumph engaging a revolt by senior players affirmed by Javed Miandad not long before the semi-last match against New Zealand, and top-scoring in the last match against England.

The Another problem for Imran Khan that he can leave the country and his ministers also cant leave it. The opposition may try to put the allegations on him for corruption charges. that could bring more problem for him.

He was having a changes to make good relationship with India and start the trade, due to the Kashmir issue he didn’t look back and keep he was anti India during his tenure, and at the last he said positive things about India that represent that when he sees that his position is in danger he turn his table. So now it will be difficult for Imran Khan to survive and Nawaz Sharif could come back to Pakistan anytime.