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Ruby Love- How to Take Care of Your Vaginal Health in Everyday Life

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. The walls of the vagina are made of the mucosa, which is similar to your skin. This mucosa can absorb water and nutrients from food, which keeps it soft and moist. The vagina also has several glands that produce fluid every day. These glands are responsible for keeping the area clean, as well as producing a small amount of clear discharge when it is irritated. You might notice this discharge during or after sex — it’s not urine. But it can be thick and white like yogurt or thin and clear like water. You may notice changes in the texture of your vaginal discharge when you first start taking birth control pills. Especially if you’re using an estrogen-containing pill like Yaz or Ocella. But this doesn’t mean something is wrong with you — it just means your body has adjusted to the contraceptive by changing its natural cycle. While vaginal health can be influenced by factors like diet and exercise. It also has a lot to do with the way you care for your body and yourself. The Ruby Love website can provide you with tips that can help you maintain a healthy vagina. Ruby Love is one of the leading websites that provide tips on intimate health in everyday life. They have a great collection of period undies and other menstrual accessories that can help you get through it. Shop from their wide range of premium collections of accessories and get discounts using Ruby Love Coupon codes

In order to take care of your vaginal health, it is recommended to get regular checkups. If you’re under 40, you should have a pap smear every year. If you’re over 40, you should have one every two years. Your doctor can tell you what’s recommended for your age group based on any changes in your cervix or internal reproductive organs. 

Cleaning between your legs can help prevent infections like yeast infections, which are common in women of all ages. You should also wash your hands before touching private areas — especially if they’ve been exposed to urine or feces. Avoid douching and sexual intercourse right after giving birth. Douching can cause irritation and irritation may lead to infection. This is why doctors recommend avoiding this practice postpartum. It’s also important not to have sexual intercourse within 72 hours of giving birth as this could lead to vaginal tearing. There are many ways to keep a track of your vaginal health and providing good clothing is one of them. Browse the Ruby Love website to get yourself some of the best period undies, use Ruby Love discount codes for discounts. Here are 5 ways to take care of your vaginal health in everyday life. 

Don’t Douche

The vagina has natural bacteria that come from the same place as does on your skin. These bacteria help prevent infections, but they can also get out of control in some women. When this happens, it’s called bacterial vaginosis (BV). But the number one reason women don’t douche is that it feels unnatural. Women aren’t built to regularly clean their vaginas — it’s not natural, and it doesn’t feel good. Get comfortable intimate clothing from Ruby Love to keep your vagina healthy and dry. Apply Ruby Love promo codes to get instant discounts and offers on your purchase. 

Wear Cotton Undies

Cotton underwear is great because they wick away moisture, which helps keep your vulva healthy. If you wear cotton underwear every day, your body will be able to absorb all that moisture over time. And thus help keep your vagina healthy and clean. Some fabrics, such as rayon or spandex, can irritate the vagina and increase the risk of vaginal thrush — an infection caused by a fungus. Avoid tight-fitting jeans and pantyhose because they can cause chafing and irritation around the thighs and buttocks area. To purchase comfortable cotton undies for good vaginal health browse the Ruby Love website, use Ruby Love coupons for discounts.

Avoid Pantyliners and thongs

Pantyliners and thongs can irritate the vaginal opening and cause yeast infections. Getting a yeast infection is no fun at all! Pantyliners also make it harder for air to get in and out of your vagina. So they actually make things worse for your health by preventing proper ventilation. This is why people recommend avoiding them when possible! Panty liners absorb moisture that could otherwise be eliminated through urination or bowel movements. They also trap sweat underneath them, which could lead to irritation or inflammation of tissues around your vagina. Thongs are even worse because they don’t offer any coverage over your vaginal area at all! Avoid pantyliners and thongs and get breathable undies from Ruby Love at affordable rates using code Ruby Love deals. 

Use unscented tampons

The scented varieties can irritate your vagina and cause yeast infections. Unscented tampons absorb the same amount of blood, so they’re just as safe. They’re free from chemicals and perfumes, so they’re great for sensitive skin. If you get itchy or have a rash, use unscented tampons instead of regular ones. Unscented tampons are available for purchase on the Ruby Love website. Visit the website now and use code Ruby Love offers to get the desired discount on unscented tampons. 

Always pee after Sex

Your vagina is full of bacteria that might make you sick, so it’s important to clean up after sex. Washing with soap and water or using wipes is fine, but don’t forget to rinse well! If you’re not wearing a condom, peeing after intercourse can help prevent STIs. It’s also important to pee after sex to clean up any vaginal fluids left over from your partner’s penis. For better vaginal health it is always suggested to wear cotton undies and unscented tampons or pads. Get vaginal health-related clothing and accessories at reasonable prices from Ruby Love using the code Ruby Love sale. 

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