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Sindhri mango from Pakistan

Mangoes from Pakistan are in high demand in the Middle East, Europe, and Australia, and exporters forecast a good year. For the current mango season, the All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Association has set a goal of 150, 000 metric tonnes of mango exports, which is expected to bring in $127.5 million for the country.


Sindhi mango is a type of mango that originated in Pakistan’s Mir Pur Khas area. This mango’s skin is bright yellow and oval in shape. In the early harvesting season, this super-aromatic mango is the ultimate flavour, which is sweet but also acidic.

Because this mango variety is popular in Pakistan’s Sindh province, the name “Sindh Mango” was given to it. Shakes, ice creams, and smoothies made with Sindhri mangoes are popular. After peeling the skin, most people cut the mangoes into cubes and eat them. Sindhri mangoes mature from May to August, and unlike other mango varieties, they have a longer preservation life. Sindhri mango from Pakistan is also exported in a lot of quantity to other countries as well

In a press release, APFVA Patron-in-Chief Mian Waheed Ahmed said that despite the negative impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the country’s economy, the mango export target was set at 80,000 tonnes last year, but that due to high demand for the fruit on the global market, it was increased to 150, 000 tonnes this year.

On the one hand, he said, the Pakistani mango export sector is grappling with major concerns such as climate change and water scarcity, while on the other hand, limited flight operations and rising air freight costs have hampered the fruit’s export.

According to him, due to a shortage of refrigerated containers and high freight costs, mango exports by sea face significant problems this year. He asked the government to meet the global demand for mangoes and to take initiatives to make the environment favourable to mango exports.

He said that with official support, the country could be among the top three mango exporting countries in the world in 4-5 years and that in order to do this, the country must also concentrate on high-value markets such as Japan, the United States, Australia, South Korea, and China.

He advocated for substantial R&D to improve quality and cosmetic appeal in order to gain easier access to markets that place a premium on the fruit’s “quality and striking appearance.”

For the past five years, he claims, weather changes have impacted mango production. Overall mango production in Sindh and Punjab is expected to reach 180,0000 tonnes, according to him. According to Waheed, a comprehensive research procedure to assess the serious effects of climate change on the mango crop and other major crops has yet to begin.

Waheed believes that achieving the mango export objective will require collaborative teamwork, support, cooperation, and coordination among all stakeholders, including the Department of Plant Protection (DPP), Customs, seaport, and airport authorities.

Mango is a tropical fruit whose export has grown dramatically in Pakistan over the last few years. Innovation in air and sea freight transportation is one of the primary reasons. It paved the way for large-scale deliveries at low costs. The mango is Pakistan’s most popular fruit.

Pakistan is the world’s fifth-largest mango producer and exporter. Its soil and climatic conditions allow for the production and market supply of high-quality fresh mango over a five- to six-month period. As a result, Mango Pakistan has a strong presence on the international stage.

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Mangoes in Pakistan range in length from 2 to 10 inches and weigh 8 to 24 ounces on average. The mangoes that grow in Pakistan are brilliant yellow and shaped like a kidney, unlike the round, bright red mangoes found elsewhere in Asia. Oval and spherical mangoes are also available. Mangoes of export quality are lower in fibre and have a little turpentine flavour. Because high-quality fruits are cultivated using soft water and natural fertilisers rather than hard water and chemical fertilisers. Mangoes for export have a clean appearance and are free of harvest wounds, bruising, insect damage, and fungal infections. In addition, their height and weight are largely consistent. These mangoes can also be found in domestic markets, although due to their great quality, they are more expensive.