Wednesday, October 4

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The court noted the article in the introduction. It is understood that decoders are the only necessary way to provide a basic service for delivering audiovisual content to consumers.

Secondly, the question has been raised whether UK law prohibits the import, sale and use of foreign decoders in breach of the EU Treaty on Free Trade in Services.

It depends on the above

The court first said the 스포츠중계 could not be relied upon as copyright because it could not be considered a feature contained in the copyright guidelines. “This is especially true of football, which is limited by the rules of the game, which leave no room for creative freedom in the sense of copyright.”

Second, the court recognized that state law did not preclude the grant of intellectual property rights and benefits. However, “they receive insurance coverage only, as stated in recital 10 and recital 5 of the Copyright Directive, for a reasonable payment for the use of the term of any protected entity, not for maximum cost. The Court even ruled that when the scale is full.

In relation to the Territorial Department,

He says that “this can create an artificial price difference between common national markets. In such cases, such compensation may not be considered as part of the full refund offered to authorized persons. †

The Court therefore considers that the rules of procedure infringe the freedom to provide services enshrined in Article 56 TFEU.

The prime minister is working to end the ban

and the right to provide services to encourage the public to go to the stadium, which the court said: An agreement should be reached through contractual and collective bargaining with third parties that would force advertisers not to play Premier League games during a break. , but it cannot be denied that such a system violates fundamental freedoms to a lesser extent than the alleged restrictions on the subject.