Monday, December 4

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Best Tips for Surviving the Holidays while in Recovery

The vacation season is a special time of joy and festivity. Yet, it can be an extremely delicate and stressful time for those who are recovering from dependence on alcohol and/ or medicines. Then are many simple tips that can make the leaves more tolerable for those floundering with sobriety. 1. Remember the significance of the leaves This time of time is a major marketable event for America’s retailers. It's also a time for special fests of family and goodwill. Keeping the leaves as a festivity of family or your religious beliefs puts all of our other prospects for the vacation season in proper perspective. 2. Don’t insulate The leaves can be the loneliest time of the time for the recovering addict. On one hand, we're reminded of all the connections we’ve meddled up. Some will spe...