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The best apps to download song lyrics

Genius has the largest collection of song lyrics from popular sources. In addition to downloading song lyrics, the site offers music news with information on albums and artists. Each lyric page also provides a preview, the album it came from and the artist who wrote it.

Musixmatch is one of the best sites to download song lyrics. You can find them bothin Italian and in foreign languages: by title, artist or words. It also features a top song lyrics page and a newly added lyrics section with a list of genres. It also supports text embedding and swapping. Furthermore, Musixmatch can also be used as a mobile app. Android is iOS .

 Text Angle

Angular Texts is a site that has the largest collection of Italian and foreign song lyrics. You can search among 8 million texts also taking advantage of an included player to listen to the song of the text that interests you the most. It’s also available as an Android app foriOS and like Shazam for the songs you’re listening to, Angle Texts instead identifies the text, regardless of which player you’re listening to it from. The section on translation of musical texts is also interesting.

Lyrics.com has a large library of song lyrics presented on a beautifully designed and clean website. In addition to the lyrics, the platform also provides other information about new releases, the most popular songs of the moment and the most successful. The search bar allows you to search for your favorite lyrics by song words, melodies, and artists. The site not only provides song lyrics in text format, but also in video format. There is also a section where you can share the songs with your social friends.

LyricsModeLyricsMode.com has a simple layout with recent tracks.

This is a great site for anyone who wants to find famous song lyrics. It includes a vastcollection of song lyrics and a feature that allows you to post lyrics using the widget widget. The website has more than 70,000 texts from 20 artists.

LetsingitLetsingit.com is a music community where you can lyrics, a to z lyrics of all kinds of music. The platform includes additional information such as album track charts, bios, images, artist news, and more. The presence of a search bar at the top of the home page simplifies your search so that you can get the words of the songs just by typing their name. One of the distinctive features of this site is the fact that it provides an embedded YouTube video of the song along with the lyrics.

 LettersPlanetLyricsPlanet.com is a site founded in 2000

and offers a collection of thousands of song lyrics, including classics. Already on the home page it presents the best songs with useful information about: albums, song lists and much more. The black and white background design makes the sections easy to read and the huge database helps to search for songs with unknown lyrics.


For those who own an Android smartphone or an iPhone running iOS operating system, downloading song lyrics with the right apps is very simple.

In addition to MusixMatch, which I already told you about, you can try Lyrically . It is an application to download free song lyrics for both Android and iOS where you can search for the songs of the moment by artist or title.

Even the Apple Music streaming service

available for iOS is Android , but also for Windows and macOS, allows you to download music lyrics. If you have a computer you can take advantage of the iTunes program , while from iPhone and iPad from the Music application .

From iTunes after starting the song playback, simply press the list symbol, at the top right, and select the Text tab in the menu that appears. If available, you will be able to see the full text of the song you are playing.

From the Music app , tap the mini player at the bottom of the screen and scroll down. In case the text of the song is available, all you have to do is click on the Exposure link , in correspondence with the wording Text and you will see the text.