Thursday, October 5

The best rated hair clinics in Dubai

The only solution for certain types of alopecia is hair transplantation using follicular micrografts, a minimally invasive technique, using local anesthesia, which consists of placing “hair by hair” in the area to be treated, from another region of the scalp where there is no has started the baldness process.

To choose the best hair clinic in Madrid, it is important to consider its years of experience, the objective assessments and opinions of patients who have passed through it, and the trajectory of its professionals. These are some of the best rated Hair Clinic Dubai.


It is one of the hair transplant clinics with the best national and international rating, with a presence in more than 10 countries, close to five thousand satisfied clients and more than three million implanted follicles. Capilclinic ‘s long history has been consolidated with the use of advanced techniques to stop hair loss and strengthen the hair strand. As hair implant specialists, they have developed their own revolutionary method: Min Time FUE (acronym for Follicular Unit Extraction), which consists of keeping the follicles out of the body for the shortest time possible in each operation, in order to guarantee greater effectiveness. .

Medilor Clinic

It is the pioneer clinic in the application of the FUE technique, minimally invasive, since 2003. To do this, they use microsurgical tools, an Implanter of less than a millimeter in diameter, which allow painless follicular extraction and rapid healing. His estimate is that in eight months, 90% of the new hair will have grown and will remain on the scalp forever, without special maintenance. In addition to hair restoration, this treatment is especially indicated for the reconstruction of the forehead line, eyebrows, beard and pubic area, repair of scars from previous procedures and reconstruction of previous hair grafts. The clinic allows online consultation and has a private hotel to accommodate patients from other cities.

Fuexpert Clinic

Clinic with specialized and highly qualified professionals that has some of the best opinions of patients who have requested treatment in recent years in Madrid. Each treatment requires a prior evaluation and personalized diagnosis, in which possible pharmacological support with finasteride is assessed in the months prior to the operation. and his team offer definitive solutions for alopecia, natural results and treatments with some of the most innovative technology for hair improvement. In addition to their personalized attention, the medical team recommends that their patients improve their lifestyle fashion habits, such as sports and healthy eating, and the use of shampoos without phosphates, paraffins or parabens, to reinforce the optimal result of the hair operation