Wednesday, October 4

The Best Yoga Styles to Give a Try

The ancient art of yoga is a blessing for all humanity. The many techniques, asanas, and breathing techniques help the practitioner enjoy good physical and mental health.

But, with time yoga has transitioned into many other styles. This change has only led to confusion for the practitioner.

Thus, to help you make the right decision yoga experts have come up with a list of the best yoga styles.

Best Yoga Styles to Try Out

Given below are 6 yoga styles you should definitely try out.

1. Ashtanga Yoga

This yoga style came into existence in 1940. Ashtanga is the eight-limbed path of yoga. In this yoga style, you have to remember the sequence of postures you practice. After that, the teacher supports you and helps with Ashtanga yoga practice. You should have strong willpower to practice this yoga style.

Ashtanga yoga style helps develop solid core strength, manage weight, and improve your flexibility. Join a certified yoga school to learn and practice this yoga style under the guidance of skilled yoga teachers.

2. Vinyasa Yoga

You practice Vinyasa yoga by combining body movement with deep breathing. It is different from Ashtanga yoga in terms of yoga pose sequence. At times, you also practice Yoga Bandhas when transitioning from one pose to another. Some of the Vinyasa yoga benefits include stronger breathing muscles, and a body free of harmful toxins. The best part about this yoga style is that every class has different yoga poses.

3. Kundalini Yoga

Popularized by Yogi Bhajan in 1968, Kundalini yoga is a physical, spiritual and meditative yogic practice to activate the dormant Kundalini energy. Every Kundalini yoga class starts off with mantra chanting which expands the consciousness throughout your body and mind. Some of the benefits of Kundalini yoga include a stronger nervous system, consciousness of inner self, and purification of the energy channels.

4. Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga, as the name suggests is a restorative and gentle style of yoga. Every class has yoga poses that you hold for a little longer. Restorative yoga helps your body rest in peace to help you relax. If you want a yoga style that helps you relax, choose Restorative yoga. You should enrol in certified yoga training to learn more about this yoga style.

This yoga style improves your mental awareness, digestion, and range of motion. It also relieves you of anxiety.

5. Jivamukti Yoga

This style of yoga goes a bit deeper than physical practice. The word Jivamukti in Sanskrit refers to “liberation while living”. It has a strong focus on non-violence. This yoga style favours a vegan diet and non-violence as a way of living.

If you want to learn yoga beyond its physical aspects, try Jivamukti yoga. It places a strong emphasis on ethics and ancient scriptures. Doing this yoga style helps you understand the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga. It also incorporates meditation and chanting into your practice.

6. Sivananda Yoga

Swami Sivananda laid the foundation of this yoga style in 1936. Like other yoga practices, this yoga style follows certain principles. These include proper exercise, relaxation, breathing, diet, positive thinking and meditation.

If you like following a particular system with yoga, this is the yoga style you should definitely try. Sivananda yoga helps reduce negative thoughts and offers mental and physical relaxation. It is a systematic approach to strength and flexibility.

7. Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is exactly as the name suggests – yoga is done with the help of a chair. This is a gentle yoga style in which you practice different yoga asanas using a chair. The chair yoga class has basic poses but can also include backbends and headstands. Join a yoga training to learn and practice this yoga style.

Chair yoga is best for those with a poor range of motion and mobility. It is beneficial for the elderly and those with injuries. Whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to practice simple yoga poses, this is the yoga style to try. Chair yoga improves your flexibility, range of motion, and minimizes pain and stress.


Do you want to enjoy good physical and mental health? Refer to the information above to know about the best yoga styles. As beginner yoga experts recommend that you give vinyasa yoga benefits due importance.