Saturday, September 23

The Insider’s Guide to the Dubai Property Market

Numerous factors have contributed to the success of Dubai – the city of gold. However, it’s the real estate market and tourism that have given the economy a major boost.

Speaking of the former, it is like a magnet that attracts entrepreneurs, investors and renowned firms from across the globe. Apart from the lucrative opportunities it has in store for them, the tax benefits they enjoy here are another major reason that can be attributed to its success and popularity.

For beginners, investing in the Dubai real estate market may seem like an overwhelming or rather challenging feat. Since it’s literally the land of opportunities, one can get easily confused as to where to invest their money to earn a high ROI. For instance, you will find many  flats for sale in Dubai in different areas. This can easily overwhelm you. 

For their assistance and guidance, we have come up with an in-depth insider’s guide to the real estate market in Dubai. Read on to know more:

Market on the Rise

The property market in Dubai staged a remarkable recovery post-Covid setback. The market has been cruising since then, providing ample opportunities to end-users and investors alike. Every segment of the market has shown vast improvements.

Apartments vs Villas

This has always been a tough choice for buyers to make. Although studio apartments have remained the most preferred choice among buyers, the global pandemic changed the situation. When people had to be confined to their homes, they realised the importance of living in larger, spacious homes.

This is why their preference shifted towards villas, as they have separate gardens, providing residents with ample space to live and breathe freely. 

Having said that, it doesn’t imply that apartments are completely out of trend now. They still make for an integral part of Dubai real estate. As villas are more expensive, those who have a limited budget tend to settle for apartments. A huge number of projects featuring apartments in different configurations, all geared to provide an ultra-luxurious lifestyle to residents.

New Communities Entering the Market

With the extension of the Metro Route, new residential communities have become more accessible. Furthermore, the completion of projects launched in previous years in some communities has also allowed new areas to enter the market.

Buyers who can’t afford residential properties located in famous neighbourhoods in Dubai are turning to these areas to explore budget-friendly options. Some of these areas are:

  • Dubai South
  • Dubai Sports City
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid City
  • Damac Hills
  • Al Furjan
  • Dubai Investment Park
  • Jumeirah Golf Estate
  • Discovery Gardens

Professional Help is Required

Whether you are a new investor in Dubai or a pro, one thing that’s certain is that you need the services of professionals if you want to make informed decisions vis-à-vis real estate investment.

Through the different stages of buying a residential property, you will need professional help. From exploring property listings to conducting background checks and home inspections to taking care of legalities, experts can make the whole process stress-free for you. Other than that, the trend of relying on property managers is also growing. Many foreign investors hire property managers to handle/manage their properties on their behalf while they are in their homelands.

Some people think of hiring professionals as an added expense. However, they don’t realise that these professionals can lessen the chances of scams and fraud.

Picture this; you have selected a property in Dubai that’s available at extremely affordable rates. You are patting on your back for striking this deal. However, the property turns out to be in dispute. This can certainly land you in hot waters. To avoid facing such circumstances, it is recommended to hire professionals and rely on their services.

Off-Plan Properties Gaining Popularity

Other than ready-to-move-in projects, off-plan projects have also gained popularity in recent years. These are those projects that are yet in the completion phase. As they cost less as compared to ready properties, they make for a pocket-friendly option for buyers and, particularly, investors.

Buying an off-plan property has its pros and cons. Apart from comparatively low rates, another pro about investing in or buying such a property is that you can sell it even before it is completed. Chances are that you will find a buyer who’s willing to pay more for the said property, provided the project has garnered a positive buzz in the market.

On the flip side, there can be unexpected delays during the construction phase. Thus, the project may not be ready on time. This can lead to a troublesome situation for those who had planned to shift in the property.

More Amenities, More Interest from Buyers

Apart from the budget and location, another major factor people pay attention to when buying a real estate property is the amenity it offers. The more amenity a property has for buyers, the more interest it gains. This is why developments that nestle fitness centres, swimming pools, rooftop entertainment options and other such amenities gain more popularity.

To sum it up, Dubai real estate has plenty of opportunities for those seeking It all comes down to your requirements and budget. Always remember the fact that it’s a huge decision to enter the real estate market. Therefore, no matter how lucrative the offer is, don’t rush into things. Take your time to evaluate things and make an informed decision.