Wednesday, October 4

The Interactive Video Revolution In E-Learning Content

At a time when audiovisual content is being consumed the most, Cinema 8 has taken a definitive step to ensure that learning experiences reach an incredible level and results through the incorporation of advanced interactions in the educational videos that we include in all our e-learning and micro-learning courses .

These types of interactions allow us to do things that are simply amazing. The interactions allow you to expand information, present video on video, make time jumps, pose surveys, make evaluations, tell stories with alternative endings or create different lines of activity based on the decisions of the students. Anything is possible and this means that we are opening a path with an almost infinite horizon of possibilities.

Until now, very basic interactions were used that did not take into account the design, so the result, without being bad, was not excellent. I insist that we live in a world of experiences, which forces us to always do a little more.

We loved the idea and the possibilities in the e-learning and micro-learning courses seemed so powerful to us that we started working on the adaptation of formulas that were used in high-level advertising projects. And as we learned more and more, we realized that there was no going back, we were drawing the pillars of the new training and learning of professionals and companies.

There are 3 lines of research: the technological one that advances very fast, the integration of the designs with the rest of the formats (this is particularly simple for us) and lastly, the most complex, to go proposing uses, at the right moments in the right way. , that generate great training experiences and that add differential value to our product.

In this sense, our Digital Product team works every day in a process that includes the following elements:

  • Content Development
  • Screenplay and Story Boards
  • Recording in our studio or in our clients’ facilities.
  • Treatment of all audio elements that accompany all content.
  • Preparation of Actors or Experts
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Interaction Technology

Post-production to integrate the selected Design patterns

Cinema 8 is the leading company in the use of advanced interactive video for training, and that makes us feel proud of the path we are following with a completely new format in the design of training content for companies.

Interaction is the smartest way to create videos that connect and create great learning experiences. Interaction allows us to incorporate any educational element into our courses through this format which, by pure logic, adapts naturally to mobile devices, tablets and computers.

We have already explained in other posts that it is impossible for e-learning or micro-learning courses to work if they do not use video as the main protagonist of their training proposal. Because only those contents with the appropriate design and format will be used by the students and will achieve their objectives. And we must bear in mind that the quality standard that we all have in video is very high. The growth of video in training is irreversible and the interactivity with history is simply brutal.

In short, interactive video is a visual experience that allows the student to click on a point on the image to trigger an action. It is exactly the opposite of the passivity that has dominated e-learning and micro-learning courses until now. With interactive video, the learner is effectively in control of the learning experience.

The interactive video places the student at the center of the action in a 100% experiential model creating adventures with narrative storytelling , which forces them to constantly decide which way to go while we use the surprise factor, immersion, emotion and fun in the scripts of each production.

Today’s professionals cannot stand the feeling that they are wasting their time, on the contrary, they need to feel that they are learning.  As we have explained on other occasions, when the student faces the content, she scans the first layer of content and if she considers it interesting and of quality, she goes to the next level of depth. And at Cinema 8 we are achieving this with our professionally designed video content and major advances in interaction models.