Wednesday, October 4

This Shoe Cleaning ‘Kit’ Removes Dirt From Any Material

Footwear is one of the parts of the clothing that suffers the most during the day to day due to the use and exposure that is found. Dust, rain and, in general, dirt are the factors that most deteriorate shoes, especially if they are light colored. Surely you have also been faced with the situation of how to clean white sneakers –by hand, in the washing machine, etc. – trying not to spoil them too much. But that’s over. Because in Shoescleaning we have found this shoe cleaner, available on Amazon, where it has an average rating of 4.6 out of five.

‘Sneaker Cleaner’ is a shoes cleaning kit that includes 250 ml among its accessories of liquid solution, two brushes for sensitive materials and a microfiber cloth. Ideal for use on delicate materials such as suede, nubuck or cotton, the product accumulates more than 700 reviews from users of this online store. In addition, and if you prefer, you can also purchase just the cleansing formula for a price of €15.77.

Shoes cleaner with natural ingredients

This shoe cleaner has been developed with a special formula to clean footwear in the best possible way, without aggressive components that alter the color or wear out the material of shoes and sneakers. The liquid is made with 98.3% natural ingredients that allow dirt and bacteria to be removed – even those that cause bad odours – with little effort. Thus, cleaning shoes will be easier with this simple kit to which you only have to add a little water. “Natural and good quality soap, it lathers just right and doesn’t stain the shoes. It clarifies very well”, details Javier, an Amazon user.

The set includes, in addition to the special cleaning product (in a 250 ml bottle), two brushes with natural wood handles: a premium one –designed for delicate materials– and a regular one –for cleaning simple surfaces and more resistant materials–. The set also adds a highly absorbent, abrasion-proof microfiber cloth that contributes to an optimal finish. It is, in short, the answer to how to clean white cloth sneakers. “Cleans well and smells good. Especially the second brush, the premium one, less hard, which is useful for shoes made of more sensitive materials”, explains another client of this online store.

Remove dirt from any sneakers or shoe

The cleaner can be used on shoes made of a wide variety of materials, both sensitive –suede, nubuck, nylon, cotton, fabric…– as well as other harder ones, regardless of the footwear that you want to leave as new, from leather shoes to hiking boots, going through daily sneakers. “Although I was quite skeptical about these products, the result is magnificent. It cleans in depth, leaving practically any type of footwear very clean”, celebrates Víctor, a buyer on the same virtual platform. “I started cleaning my sneakers and ended up cleaning the whole families. Leave the shoes really clean”, agrees Alejandro, who has already tried it.

All material in the kit is environmentally friendly. The cleaner contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients, and is in fact made from 100% biodegradable raw materials. “It is practical and easy to use. The soap makes a lot of foam”, summarizes Eduardo, who has given the product a five-star rating on the Amazon website.