Saturday, September 23

Tips For Singing Better

If you would like to sing better, try these five “Do’s and Don’ts”.

Don’t get drunk first:

Karaoke bars are full of drunken people singing. Alcohol may lower your inhibitions; however it also lowers your ability to sing in tune, dehydrates your voice, and lowers your ability to sing with control. None of these things encourage a good performance or enhance the sound of your voice! If you want to sing better karaoke, do it when you are sober.

Do Record yourself singing:

Karaoke backing tracks and recording devices are readily available nowadays with internet downloads and mobile phone functions. There are also several good karaoke websites you can use for free. Try a range of songs, record them over a backing track, and listen back to them. This will give you much more valid feedback than simply 강남 셔츠룸 along with the CD.

Do take your time choosing an appropriate song:

Try a range of songs, and listen back to them. Be honest with yourself about what sort of songs suit your most natural tones, and be open minded about what sort of music you are willing to have a go at singing. What suits your voice may not be the sort of music you love the most, but if you sing it well you may grow to love that style of music too. This will help you make better choices to sing better karaoke. Taking time to choose a song that suits you will improve your confidence to sing.

Do get used to singing:

By joining a singing club or taking some vocal instruction, you will get used to singing more in front of other people. This will help you to relax when you are singing karaoke, and reduce the self consciousness and nerves people often use alcohol to douse. The more you get used to singing regularly, the better you will feel when you want to sing karaoke, and your confidence in singing will improve. The more comfortable you feel to sing, the larger and more confident your voice will sound.

Do enjoy yourself:

Singing karaoke is all about having a good time. Relax and enjoy it. Smile, laugh and let your voice out. Don’t think about what other people might be thinking, or fill you mind with stressful thoughts. Doesn’t worry about what people will think or if you are making a fool of yourself – if you are having a good time, your audience will too.