Wednesday, October 4

Tools to improve your sports club management

If you belong to a sports club, this is the list you want to have every day. We’ve put together all the tools you can use to make the most of your sports club management. Most of these tools are free, although you have a lot of interesting benefits for very little money.

Application for sports club board

Cuplike: Centralized management and communication of your club 스포츠중계 with a comprehensive club solution. You will have management tools, your own website and a custom program tailored to your club’s corporate image. You can include the units you need. The most important part lies in the management tools, where you can centralize the coordination of efforts and communication with members, families and fans.

Tamp: with this program you can manage your club through your own program. You can customize the design and have a fully functional app that connects your team with athletes. The program is in English but has a rather intuitive design for using its features.

Collection of taxes at your sports club

Stripe – With this platform you can charge your athletes a one-time payment or have them sign up for recurring payments with their credit card. By following the most stringent safety rules, Stripe will make sure to bill your athletes regularly and avoid refund fees.

Gocardless – Offers direct payment options. No need to sign a contract and only pay for a successful business.

Detailed collection of payments in your sports club

Dada – With Begum you can send and receive money through your bank app. Receive Instant Bank Transfers Safely No Fees. The recipient’s phone number is required to be able to pay.

Virtual POS – This is the online version of classic POS. Almost all banks offer you the opportunity to use. You must negotiate the terms and conditions of implementation with each, sign a separate agreement.

PayPal – This is a secure payment platform for online payments. Millions of digital companies use it to bill their customers and it is an option that offers a lot of security for both payers and recipients.

Programs to analyze the performance of your athletes

Eleven: The best video analytics programs with graphics on par with what you watch on TV. It allows you to tag and model with interactive graphics and export clips. You have an unlimited amount of analytics without having to be connected, and it works offline. Analyze any video from your hard drive.