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Top 10 Android GPS and navigation apps?

The first thing that usually comes to mind map when we think of a navigation tool is Google Maps. It’s the option that the vast majority of people go for. In addition to that, it receives upgrades on a regular basis. Particularly throughout the last several years, Google has been doing very well in terms of navigation. If, on the other hand, you’re not having any success using Google Maps, you have a wide variety of other choices. The majority of navigation app features are same. You are required to enter instructions, then proceed to do so in order to arrive at your location. Every one of them does it in a slightly different way. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top GPS applications and navigation software alternatives for Android devices.

Navigator for the Backcountry

BackCountry Navigator is a fantastic tool for providing hikers with navigational assistance. Yet, in exchange for the steep price, you will get a collection of offline topographical maps. It works well in environments where there is no access to data services. In addition to that, there are a few entertaining elements. You have the ability to see a variety of paths, add your favorite locations and markers to the map, and more. Also, it offers a few distinct map options. If you purchase the app, you will have access to limitless, ad-free usage of the app. It is recommended that you test it out first before investing in it since it is rather potent. The cost is not insignificant.

The HERE WeGo Maps app

HERE There aren’t many real alternatives to Google Maps in the market for navigation apps, and WeGo is one of them. It has a user interface that is both basic and sophisticated, and it provides mapping possibilities for the whole planet. You are able to download maps for usage in your area even when you are not online. It should be of some use in locations that have patchy data connections. Moreover, HERE provides you with traffic information (if it is available), maps of public transportation, and the ability to save locations for easy access to instructions at a later time. It may all be used without cost. There is also an app that allows you to create your own maps and modify existing ones.


One of the most understatedly well-liked alternatives for navigation apps is MapFactor. It is equipped with the fundamental navigation and GPS functions. OpenStreetMap is used by it. This indicates that you have the option to get free offline maps that are updated on a monthly basis. There are also other map possibilities, but they can come with an extra fee. Voice instructions, international routing, 2D and 3D modes, day and night themes, and more more are just some of the other features that are available. Also, this GPS software provides compatibility for a multitude of nations all around the globe. It’s not terrible considering all you get out of it.


Throughout the years, MapQuest has been updated with a number of new looks. Nonetheless, it is driving directions the same reliable service that we have been familiar with ever since the simpler times. It utilizes the typical turn-by-turn instructions that are common. In addition, there are other services, such as live traffic updates (in areas where they are accessible), the ability to reroute routes depending on traffic, and a service that helps users discover cheaper petrol. If you break down, you can even use it to phone for help from a tow truck. It’s not as excellent as Google Maps, and it’s not as successful as GasBuddy when it comes to locating inexpensive gas. On the other hand, this is a fantastic opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Maps as well as Waze

Both Google Maps and Waze are fantastic choices for a GPS app. They are both owned by Google as well. When it comes to mapping and navigation software, Google Maps serves as a type of standard. It has a huge number of places, reviews, directions, and even street-level pictures of the majority of the spots. In addition to that, it offers accessibility capabilities, and you may download map for usage when you are not connected to the internet. Waze is a bit more basic. It is an excellent tool for obtaining instructions, particularly while traveling by car or during regular commutes.

It displays things like traffic bottlenecks, the whereabouts of police, and other helpful information by using data provided by users. Moreover, Waze has a variety of humorous voices for use during navigating. In any case, you won’t make a mistake. Both of them are pretty excellent, despite the fact that they cater to distinct groups of customers.


Another free navigation and GPS program is available, and it’s called It provides offline map, turn-by-turn instructions, and OSM integration for constantly updated map data. In addition, there is the capability to bookmark places, search offline, see traffic statistics (in areas where it is accessible), and get help from anywhere in the globe. That comes quite close to becoming a rival to Google Maps, if you ask me. It ought should operate for the majority of individuals the majority of the time. A few users have mentioned a few problems here and there, but nothing extremely concerning has been mentioned. There are no in-app purchases available, so downloading the app is totally risk-free. There are some advertisements, but they are not a significant distraction.


A unique category of navigation app is represented by OsmAnd. It is aimed squarely at those individuals who need offline map. You may download quite a few of them, and the most of them are of a satisfactory quality. The free version of the software has a maximum number of allowable downloads. You may get extra downloads by making purchases inside the app itself. Other features include navigation with turn-by-turn directions, the ability to search without an internet connection, map for activities other than driving, and more. It is possible that for online usage, it is not as excellent as something like HERE or Google Maps; nonetheless, it is currently one of the greatest GPS applications that can be downloaded offline.

Navigating with Polaris GPS

Polaris Navigation is an app that strives to be an all-purpose navigation tool, and for the most part, it succeeds in doing so. The fact that it can access Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest map, and Bike Route Maps is the most notable feature that it has. So, you will get the information from the source of your choice. In addition, it has a variety of coordinate formats, a trail recording function, a one-of-a-kind waypoint management system, and the typical features that you would expect, such as turn-by-turn guidance. In addition, there are a few features for engaging in hobbies such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and other similar outdoor pursuits. Despite its obvious age, it still performs well.