Tuesday, September 26

Top 10 Reasons to use Whiteboard Animation Videos

Traditional images are a bit old, and even those “high-resolution” visuals now seem to become lackluster. Anyone, of course, can exclaim: “It’s the videos and animation that are causing their destruction.” Well, it’s quite true but not truer. Instead, it’s the whiteboard videos that are becoming famous nowadays. Despite their unglamorous looks and straightforward illustrations, they’re winning everyone’s hearts and attention. After all, we all feel something special about them from deep within. The nostalgia is real: “Childhood memories of doodling on the walls and assuming ourselves as the fine art masters.”

Even though whiteboard videos aren’t any new digital video-making trend, it’s a cup of tea. You can have a cappuccino and other coffees, green tea, or a revitalizing ginger potion – but tea is tea. Similarly, whiteboards have the universal winning formula found in the ubiquitous craving and brewing tea cup. Please check out the best software here if you want to give it a try.

Now, laypersons aspire to become whiteboard animation video makers instead of orthodox graphic gurus. And why not so since such moving visuals do not require prior graphic designing experience nor a diploma in art, designing, etc? Besides, whiteboard videos are absorbing and do not require the support of fancy special effects. The following are the best reasons to include the blackboard sibling for your online brand ventures. Let’s go!

1. Whiteboard Animations are easy to create

Just some fine-tuning knowledge and YouTube tutorials, and you’re good to go. And that’s the beauty of whiteboard video animation. They’re effortless to make and manage even by a first-hand novice. Doodly is an excellent online platform where you can start your journey as a professional doodler. Funny to say this, but who knew that those candid wall drawings would pay back in the future?

2. They are soothing to the eyes

Besides whiteboard videos being straightforward and super easy to make, they’re a great therapy for the eyes. Besides enlightening properties, they also come with healing properties, especially video animation services if you’re a guy or girl who spends hours on the screens. So, why not treat your eyesight with something comforting and edifying? And it’s a fact that if you learn better, you’re clear-sighted with something worth cherishing.

3. Better at conveying your message

Whiteboards are awesome when it comes to communicating with people loud and clear. You don’t have to solve any scientific equation to ensure your signal reaches your customers. Like those forthright hand movements and naïve sketches, passing on your brand’s notion to your target audience is clean as a whistle. Besides, people never stop at filling stations in a “no man’s land” zone but prefer to stop at the bustling gas pumps.

4. Whiteboard videos are educational

These animations might look like simple handicraft works on a flat white or black surface. But the fact that they impact people’s minds convincingly is just magical. Who would have thought that these simplified animation slates would bring so much information to the table? Watching whiteboard video animation feels like two or more people talking about a topic. It’s interesting to see something that’s unpretentious can educate the masses.

5. Whiteboard animations are real-time storyboards

Graphic designers would agree with me; these videos include art and illustrations. You become conversant with storyboard works and eventually grow interested in the video-making domain. Another thing you can absorb from these stories is their interactive nature. If you have any taste for art and crave creativity, these whiteboard videos are ideal for boosting your resourcefulness

6. Whiteboard animation has that classroom appeal

We all went to school and could recall how irresistible it was to see chalk squiggling on the blackboards. Certainly, those were the best times of our life when all the whiteboard animations were happening in real life. Although blackboard emulations are now more popular in the contrasting color white, we revisit our schools. It indeed brings so many bittersweet memories we had as pupils.

7. You can blend in persuasive Storytelling

Remember when we as kids gathered around our grannies or snuggled in bed when mom was ready with the storybook? It feels great to have a calm breather with our imaginations taking us to places we’ve never visited. Storytelling is a powerful device that helps you captivatingly narrate your brand’s account.

Furthermore, storytelling increases your listening power and even boosts your eavesdropping acoustics. Your imagination gets a lot better than before. It feels like your brain is acquiring thoughts and concepts on a rollercoaster ride. In addition, storytelling ad-libs abstract ideas in the easiest language; you can understand complex viewpoints with no trouble. It is the main reason why storyboards + storytelling brews the perfect chemical agent after creativity.

8. Whiteboard videos enlighten the audiences in one go

A whiteboard video isn’t just an excellent educational tool, but it also inspires people further. They can visualize things much better and have a progressive ‘critical thinking approach. They become good learners and are quickly well-versed in different subject matter(s). Besides, getting inspiration from things, or a whiteboard video, is good for our mental health. We also should be aware that our brain is responsible for releasing different chemicals that trigger specific behavioral and physiological responses.

9. Animated Character personalization

Please do not assume that whiteboard videos are simplified video versions. Even if it’s a doddle with no rocket science graphic designing skills, it still gears up the animation game. You can animate your characters, environment, objects, and even those hands scribbling and sketching text and drawings.

10. Very budget-friendly

Whiteboard animation videos are the most cost-effective digital video variant with serious surefire results. You can even try the free versions if you cannot invest in a whiteboard video agency at the moment. And you know what? For free, you can sprinkle whiteboard videos on your website, online eCommerce store, and YouTube channel. Isn’t this one heck of a “gratis” deal? Let’s do this!

The Bottom Line

Whiteboard videos are so simple to understand that even school-going children can familiarize themselves with your brand. So, it’s your wake-up call right up here. It would be best if you gave a whiteboard animation video a chance. It’s worth a shot, your time – and your creative juices.