Saturday, September 23

Top 101 Innovative Software in Sports

Today, there are still people who are surprised to hear the word “software” in a sports context. As in other sectors and industries, technology is here to stay in sport. Today I bring you the 101 best software that exist in sports. Software for sports clubs, sports companies, facilities and athletes. There they go!

Best Software for Sports Club Directors

Management tools for sports clubs and centers


Centralize the management and communication of your 해외축구중계 club with this comprehensive solution for clubs. It allows you to have your own website and a personalized app for your club, being able to incorporate the modules that you consider appropriate.

In addition, it provides a management tool, where to centralize the management of tools and communications with members.

In a single step, you can make your club 100% digital,

Connecting all the agents involved in the club (management, coaches, athletes, fathers and mothers, sponsors…) thanks to its comprehensive solution.

The app with the highest growth rate in the number of clients during 2020. We totally recommend it! Software as a Service for soccer teams or SAAS is a way of working with an online tool or platform. The company providing the software is responsible for its maintenance, daily operation and support.

It is a technology that can provide great advantages

For most football teams that today do not use any technological solution for club sports management .

The football sector and more specifically sports management in the lower categories is becoming increasingly complicated due to the large number of players, teams and personnel involved. That is why at director11 we have been working for more than 8 years on the creation of a complete monitoring and management program for the club.

As we mentioned before,

The Seas model can provide great advantages in the management of a football team’s academy. Mainly it helps reduce maintenance costs and provides flexibility when adapting it to each football club, each need, philosophy or methodology.

At director11 we are specialized in adapting our management program to the needs of the club. Thus, each team works on a different director11 thanks to the high degree of customization.


If you are interested in knowing the different modules to customize the director11 sports management program, consult it here.

Main characteristics of a Software as a Service

From director11  we have always worked with the mentality of contributing our grain of sand to the football sector in the direction of the digital transformation of this sport.

We understand that beyond traditional methodologies, the digitization of this sector will profoundly help to optimize the work of football clubs. By managing to centralize all the information surrounding the club in a software, it will be possible to have direct access to the data set in order to analyze it and transform it into results, variables and statistics that facilitate decision-making.

In this sense, it should be noted that the SaaS format is a software license and delivery model that:

Have a monthly or yearly subscription

It is centrally hosted

Access will have an online connection that will allow you to synchronize information on all devices and network with the entire team.

It is an alternative to other management systems that works through a traditional physical installation.

It allows communication with other platforms or tools of the club.