Wednesday, October 4

Top 7 Secrets You Must Know for Laser Hair Removal

If you are jumping into getting laser hair removal therapy done, you need to check a few facts. Yeah, we know you are super excited about having a stubble-free body, but it always pays to study. Are you lured towards shedding off that extra hair from your body? Well, you might be unsure about some facts about it.

So, let’s unfurl some secrets for the best laser hair reduction treatment.


  1. Laser hair removal might sound painful, but it’s not

This is the biggest myth about LHR because other hair removal processes like waxing, threading, or electrolysis are painful. So, by association, do you feel this is painful as well? Be relaxed; laser hair treatment isn’t painful at all. Painless laser hair removal is a tolerable procedure. The cooling mechanism or ice technology can make you feel very comfortable.


  1. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on lighter skin

Well, that’s not true. This hair removal technique works with all types of skin complexions. The updated technologies have enabled people with lighter, medium, and darker skin tones to reap full advantage of laser hair removal techniques. You might have a common misconception that a laser doesn’t work on lighter skin. People with fair skin are ideal candidates for this technology. Why? Because laser technology can detect the variance in contrast between skin and hair color. Read on to understand why fairer-skinned individuals can reap better benefits from this process.


  1. LHR works better on dark hair tone

When it comes to lighter hair color, laser hair technology might fall a little weak. This is what we were mentioning just in the last point. The more difference between skin and hair color, the better are the results. The laser works by targeting hair pigment, and if there is no melanin and no coloring, hair can’t absorb laser-induced heat. Grey or blonde hair is low in tint, while white lacks it all. Laser can’t get to the hair follicle for very light hair color. So, those with lighter hair tones can go for laser hair removal treatment in other areas where hair is darker, like the armpit and the bikini.


  1. Laser hair doesn’t burn skin

God knows why; it’s a common myth that laser technology burns and damaged skin. Well, advanced technology has evolved over the years. For example, a laser beam operates on your hair follicles without damaging any surrounding area. This process is carried out by experts with years of experience and uses US FDA-approved technology, which is entirely harmless to the skin. Always make sure to get this treatment by certified therapists who have undergone training and have served many people like you.


  1. No makeup, No waxing, No tanning on the area

True, the area must be cleanly shaved a day before the treatment, but strictly no wax or razor. Do not pluck or tweeze the area before or between the sessions. You can use a trimmer carefully to shave the whiskers off. Also, do not apply any makeup on the site before the treatment. So, complete no to sun-creams, lotions, deodorants, or any cosmetic products. Also, avoid exposing the site to sunlight within four weeks of the treatment. Furthermore, shun the use of tanning creams before the therapy. Just exfoliate the area to eradicate residues.


  1. No medications?

Well, this myth needs demystification. Laser hair removal technology might be pain-free, but some after-therapy pain may be associated. It depends on your tolerance level, and you might need to get some medications. Whether oral drugs, photosensitive medicines, or pain-relievers, always talk to your consulting therapist for the proper after-care treatment. Do not jump over any over-the-counter medication.


  1. No gym for a while

Yeah, we know you are a fitness freak, and hitting the gym is undoubtedly significant. But, do not just celebrate so quickly also. Wait for 2-3 days post the treatment before hitting the gym since the laser heat stays retained on your skin for 24 hours. Also, no shower and no sauna for 24 hours after hair removal, else you create a warm zone for bacteria to grow and multiply.


Wrapping up

So now that you have the elucidation of the seven truths for laser hair removal, you need to get the best therapist for you. To avoid any side effects, always get the best laser hair removal treatment in Noida. Aesthetica360 laser hair removal process is a dedicated clinic known for removing hair from in-growth in a gentle way. The expert dermatologists at Aesthetica360 carry out a thorough analysis of your hair and skin and craft a customized plan suitable just for you. Book an appointment immediately to schedule your session!