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Top Ten mHealth Apps That are Transforming Healthcare

A list of numerous top mHealth apps provides easy healthcare aids for consumers. The best and leading mHealth app of India – Finserv Health App for Doctors– is for doctors’ prescriptions.

On the other hand, various healthcare apps allow easy consultation with doctors and physicians. Patients can also easily keep track of their health and book all physician-prescribed medicines.

In the light of COVID-19, people had to adapt to the prevalent changes in their daily lives. And as they were forced to stay indoors, mHealth apps have proved themselves beneficial for medical aid.

The development of numerous mHealth apps was the result of the ever-evolving technology. Let us now take a quick look at the top ten mHealth Apps Transforming Healthcare.

  • Finserv Health App for Doctors

The leading mHealth app consists of doctors who provide uncompromised treatment to all patients. This is undoubtedly the one-stop destination for all doctors and patients.

From numerous medical aids to managing multi-mode consultation, Finserv Heath does it all. It goes way beyond the traditional mHealth apps that provide unique features, making life easier for patients.

If you are a physician, you can register as a doctor and consultant with Finserv. With this mHealth app, managing all your medical activities and practices will smoothen and become more accessible.

The best part about this mHealth app is that patients can consult with their doctors over call chat or video conference. On the other hand, doctors can generate prescriptions quickly with their intelligent auto-suggest medicine tool.

  • Medscape

Medscape is an effective mHealth app that consists of doctors, physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. This healthcare application proves immensely beneficial as it provides the latest news on medical aids.

The app also provides expert commentary and other relevant information regarding drugs and disease. You will also get information about CE and CME activities, professional education, etc., absolutely free!

So with Medscape, you can remain updated about the new medical and drug releases in all healthcare sectors. You can also access more than 400 unique medical calculators for quick and easy use.

  • Practo

Practo is an effective medical app for doctors and patients. It offers round the clock telemedicine solutions for all patients across the nation.

You can lookout for the best doctors and book appointments with them as required. And for medical consultation, you can get access to video conferences with doctors and physicians.

Practo also provides timeless solutions and privileges for ordering medicines online. One can also book complete diagnostic tests and full body checkups at affordable rates.

Treating chronic health issues has become easy with Practo, as you can have a video consultation with your doctor.

  • PharmEasy (Medlife)

Last year, one of the biggest mHealth apps, Medlife, collaborated with PharmEasy. Together, they now provide more refined medical services to their consumers.

This mHealth application aims to set high standards for authentic healthcare services. So they provide prescription and other health drugs at highly affordable prices.

People can now stay at home and place orders for the required medicines with Pharmeasy. You can also read about all the necessary medical information and other relevant FAQs about medicines.

  • 1mg

1mg is India’s trusted online pharmacy that provides doctor consultations and medicine delivery right at your doorstep. They are actively working and providing their services across more than 1000 cities in India.

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This mHealth app provides information regarding drugs and clinical support. All the workflows of PEPID are developed with trusted healthcare professionals.

  • Amion

The number one mHealth app provides an integrated and customised physician calendar. You can easily view the schedules of your upcoming medical appointments.

  • Curofy

This application is made uniquely for doctors to stay updated with all things related to medicine.

  • HealthMug

HealthMug is India’s leading medicine delivery app where patients can purchase homoeopathy, allopathy, ayurvedic, Unani and nutritional medicines. You can also avail of a free consultation with professional health experts and avail attractive discounts on every purchase.

  • Netmeds

This mHealth app is another medicine delivery app where you can order medicines anytime at your convenience. All you need to do is upload your prescription and get your medication delivered to your doorstep.

To Conclude

With the advancement of AI and technology simultaneously, apps for doctors in India are developing fascinatingly. Health checkups and consultations have now become easy with all mHealth apps. You can always rely on the Finserv Health App for Doctors.