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Trevor Francis England first million pound player

Millions of pounds worth of transport fees are common in the Premier League, but in 1979 Trevor Francis became England’s first 1 million player. The move was an important milestone in English football and gained wide media coverage.

Francis signed as a student for Birmingham City, starting with the team at the age of sixteen, scoring 15 goals in his first season while playing in a total of 22 games for the club.

Although he is thriving and he is one of the best clubs, Birmingham have not been able to win the First Division or any Cup. Francis won his first hat in England in 1977, playing 52 games for England in his career.

In 1978, Francis got a loan spell with the Detroit Express in the North American Football League, scoring 22 goals in 19 games. Shortly after returning to Birmingham, where he has played more than 300 times, negotiations began for a move that would create British history.

Nottingham were Forest First Division champions and won the League, led by Brian Clove at the time. After weeks of negotiations and speculation, Forrest offered for Francis more than £ 1 million, more than double the value of England’s first transfer of £ 500,000. On February 9, 1979, Francis completed his major move. Manager Brian Klof said the price was only 999,999.

Although the British record was broken,

it was not a world record as Italians Giuseppe Savoldi and Paulo Rossi moved on to more than a million pounds. Francis’s concern is that it won’t meet high price expectations, and many believe it. There’s a lot of debate about how a player fits into his new team, and he often plays on the right side of center rather than his favorite.

Trevor Francis tried several times to pay his hefty transfer fee when he scored the only goal in Sweden’s 1-0 win over Malmo in the 1979 European nba중계.

Francis scored 14 goals in the 1979-80 season and 6 goals the following season, but he has only played 18 games this season due to injuries. In 1981, Francis was sold to Manchester City for 1. 1.2 million.

After a successful start at City,

Francis scored 12 goals in 26 games, but sustained another injury, and his important contract was sold to Italian club Sampdoria, where he won the Italian League. Francis played mantras with Atlanta, Rangers, Queens Park Rangers and Sheffield on Wednesday, where he became manager, and his fame with 1 million transfers will always be remembered in football.