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Unique Treasures: Moonstone Jewelry for Personal Expression


Moonstone is a beautiful and incredible gemstone. Its opaque hue that reflects light gives it a mysterious glow that has captivated people for many ages. Not only is the Moonstone Jewelry mesmerizingly beautiful, but it also has excellent healing benefits and therapeutic uses. This is why moonstone jewelry, such as the moonstone pendant, moonstone earrings, moonstone necklaces, etc., are highly sought after by people. This blog will discuss many interesting things about moonstone crystals, such as their properties, meaning, healing benefits, etc.

What is Moonstone, basically?

Moonstone is a subcategory of feldspar minerals made up of sodium potassium aluminum silicate, which displays a pearly and opalescent schiller. If you observe your moonstone jewelry carefully, you will clearly see a rainbow-like sheen, which is known as what opalescent is. It has been believed throughout history that the moonstone embodies the calm lunar energies of the moon. This stone is found in various colors, such as peach, yellowish green, grey, and even blue.

The price of moonstone jewelry depends on quality factors such as clarity and color saturation. However, many jewelers sell imitations of moonstone, so it is crucial to buy from a trusted wholesaler or check the jewelry for authenticity. To check if your moonstone jewelry is authentic or not, look for signs like chatoyancy (which is the appearance of thin lines or waves on the surface of the moonstone when light reflects off of it at various angles) and adularescence (which is a milky white, bluish glow which appears on some varieties of moonstone – this effect is visible only after you rotate the moonstone under a light source).

The Fascinating Origins of Moonstone

Moonstone is named so because when you hold a piece of moonstone against light, it appears like a small light-filled moon. It is one of the few gemstones that has been prized since ancient times. For many centuries, travelers used it as an amulet to protect them at night and bring luck in matters of love. The origins of this gemstone first appeared in feldspar minerals found in various igneous rocks such as granite.

In ancient times, moonstone jewelry, such as moonstone bracelets and moonstone rings, had been treasured across various cultures for their healing properties. Over the years, the use of handmade jewelry made of moonstone has increased; this jewelry is available in many different varieties, from delicate pendants to intricately carved rings. As of now, moonstone is found in various locations all across the world, such as Armenia, Australia, Brazil, parts of Europe, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Meaning of Moonstone, Along With its Metaphysical and Healing Properties

From ancient times, moonstone has symbolized the power of the moon. Since it shares a deep connection with the lunar cycles, it is related to inner peace, intuition, balance, and protection. Moonstone comes with various healing benefits. It is believed that it reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps with physical ailments such as heart palpitations and menstrual cramps. Since it symbolizes feminine energy due to its association with the moon, it helps people having issues related to fertility and pregnancy.

It is also associated with white light, and thus it helps the wearer in releasing negativity and bringing balance to one’s nature. It also brings emotional stability and mental clarity to the wearer. Moonstone is believed to open up the throat chakra and the heart chakra since it generally has a rainbow sheen. This is why the vibrations of this gemstone connect you to your intuition, allow you to communicate your truths, and supply you with the energies of unconditional love.

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