Wednesday, October 4

What are the Advantages of Zinc Plated Pin Over The Normal Pins?

Pins used in the manufacturing sector justify the saying that don’t judge a book by its cover. As these small sized pins are widely used in a manufacturing sector and serve multiple purposes.

A pin is a device used for fastening objects or material together and can have three sorts of body:

  1. Shaft of a rigid inflexible material meant to be inserted in a slot, groove, or hole.
  2. A single strip of a rigid but flexible material.
  3. Two strips of a rigid material bound together by a spring at one end.

But these pins are widely used post to its zinc plating. This is because a zinc plated pin has a plethora of benefits over the non-plated one.

Let’s discuss these advantages in detail.

Advantages of Zinc Plated Pin Over The Normal Pins 

  1. Zinc makes pins corrosion-resistant

Zinc being corrosion resistant makes these pins the same post their zinc plating. Zinc coating improves the corrosion resistance of pins, and increases the lifetime of the steel.

Zinc is easily capable of up to 240 hours until base metal corrosion with a high end chromate. That is why zinc plating is so crucial.

Moreover, the zinc layer helps protect the structural properties of the steel base material, and ensure that it remains protected from corrosion and rust.

  1. Good for environment as well as to the eyes

Zinc coating is considered to be a relatively eco-friendly process, especially when compared to it’s cadmium counterpart. Zinc also offers the advantage of recyclability.

And who says pins used in manufacturing can’t look appealing?

Zinc coating can improve the appearance of an iron or steel part or component. Not just that, the introduction of colors during post-treatment can also help you customize the look of the finished product.

Moreover, zinc plating can offer a brightness level that is a chromium equivalent. The levels of brightness can be controlled using a range of additives.

  1. Increase the durability of the pin

Zinc plated pins have much higher lifespan than the ones that are not plated. Zinc-plated steel can easily last 30 years or longer without any major deterioration or significant corrosion, and remain functional for many more years.

This longer lifespan makes zinc coatings a great investment, which will pay off in the long run.

Moreover, even high-quality steel can be structurally compromised if a deep scratch or gouge exposes the underlying material.

Zinc helps prevent this by forming a strong bond, which galvanically protects the underlying steel and helps prevent corrosion.

  1. Control of Hydrogen Embitterment

Zinc Coatings are less susceptible to the development of hydrogen embitterment, a situation in which metal becomes brittle due to the diffusion of hydrogen in the surface.

Though, appropriate hydrogen embitterment relief procedures should be used with plating of high-strength metal fasteners and springs.


“Pins are probably the smallest but surely an integral part of any manufacturing processes.”

All these above mentioned benefits of zinc plating makes zinc-plated pins a better option than normal pins.

And that is why it is widely used in the manufacturing industry to serve numerous purposes.