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What are the Best Birthday Flowers and Where to Get Them

Birthdays are about celebrating birth. Why not celebrate with fresh flowers? Flowers are a gift that is always worth giving because they bring joy to anyone who receives them. Whether it’s an old friend, a new acquaintance, your spouse, or an office colleague, a bouquet of perfectly arranged flowers will help make the day just a little more special.

One of the easiest ways to deliver flowers is to order them online. Dozens of websites allow you to select the ideal bouquet and deliver it to your recipient on time with little hassle.

In this blog, we will discuss things you should know before buying perfect birthday flowers.

Things you should know before buying birthday flowers

Here are a few things you should know as you pick out the perfect birthday flowers:

  • Look for flowers that are fragrant. Some flowers only last a day, while others have a fragrance that lasts much longer. A scent may be one of the top things to consider when selecting birthday flowers even though it’s not always possible to get the exact flower you want.
  • Don’t forget your recipient’s favorite color or style if you buy bouquets in bulk and deliver them to a party venue. Some birthdays also involve a theme. In that case, you should also consider birthday flowers in themed colors like pink or red.
  • If you are planning to order your birthday flowers online and have them delivered in bulk, including the recipient’s address in the special instructions when placing the order. This will help ensure that they get to the right person on time.
  • Before you buy flowers for your loved ones, take note of their preferred style. Knowing the recipient’s favorite flower or type will eliminate the stress of trying to find the right kind on short notice.
  • Also, before placing any flower order, check out the delivery charges first from the website. See if there is a minimum cost and what types of floral arrangements they accept as payment.
  • Check if any discounts or deals can be applied to your order when buying birthday flowers online.
  • Once you find the perfect birthday flowers online, you will have to give them some time to ship before they reach your recipient’s doorstep. Some websites can get your flowers delivered on the same day, but if not, remember that delivery times can vary from 1-2 days, depending on the company’s schedule and policies.

What are the best flowers for birthdays?

here are a few of the best flowers that you can gift on birthdays:

1- Iris:

This is a flower that is often used as a symbol of friendship. Iris is truly a sign of devotion, love and loyalty. The purple iris stands for deep friendship, while the white iris represents admiration and respect. 

For example, if you are giving these flowers to someone with whom you want to embark on a new adventure or journey, choose the purple ones. These flowers will show your friend that he or she is in your thoughts during this difficult time.

2- Rose:

For those that would like to honor a special occasion, buying a single rose will be a wonderful option. Red roses symbolize passion and appreciation. If you have someone to whom you want to express your affection, buy such an arrangement for them!

3- Carnation:

The carnation is the official flower of remembrance. It was originally cultivated in 1829 in the Netherlands. Carnations are often used to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. 

The white carnation represents respect and honor, while the red carnation stands for passion. If you want to give flowers to someone deceased, red ones would be appropriate.

4- Chrysanthemum:

This flower represents joy and happiness on a birthday celebration! These flowers symbolize persistence and longevity. 

The chrysanthemum symbolizes hope and perseverance because it remains bold no matter how bad things may be around it. 

The golden yellow of the chrysanthemum represents the celebration of a birthday. The white chrysanthemum is also used as a symbol of love and romance. If you are looking for flowers that will help rejuvenate your love life, consider one of these flowers.

5- Flowering Cherry:

If you want to give a gift of nature’s beauty, then you can go with flowering cherry to celebrate someone’s birthday. The flowering cherry is considered to be a symbol of life and spring. 

The color of the flower represents the color of the sky on a sunny day. Red flowering cherries are used to show passion. A pink flowering cherry signifies friendship, while a white one means love. If red and pink flowers aren’t your style, you can also find white blossoms in this flower in some types.

6- Azalea:

The azalea is a beautiful and popular flower that comes in all sorts of colors, including blue and purple. When you see all these colors together, it will certainly remind you of springtime! 

Azalea flowers stand for loyalty, goodness, and faithfulness. If you want to give flowers that symbolize family and togetherness, the azalea is a great choice.

7- Chrysanthemum Vase:

If you buy flowers as a birthday gift for someone with a green thumb, buying a chrysanthemum vase will be good. This flower is well known for its ability to bring positive energy. 

The chrysanthemum vase is one of the most popular flowers in Japan. In this country, people use the image of these flowers to decorate their homes during festivals and special occasions. 

Due to the popularity of the chrysanthemum vase in China, plenty of artists have created great paintings and poems based on these amazing flowers.

8- Gerber Daisy:

The gerbera is used to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions when the person being given the flower is young. People of all ages can enjoy the beauty of this flower even though it was developed for kids! The name of this flower means “bride” in Dutch.

Where to get birthday flowers in Dubai?

You can get birthday flowers in Dubai from numerous flower shops. You can visit the flower market to get your floral arrangements or if you want to buy online. You can search for an online flower shop Dubai to order the best birthday flower bouquets. However, our top recommendation is Arabian petals. 

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