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What are the health benefits of detox waters?

Learn about the health benefits of detox waters and start benefiting from them, they are delicious and easy to prepare.

Now there are no more excuses for not drinking water and staying healthy, although plain water is not very attractive to many, detox waters have made everything richer and more interesting.

Forget sodas and processed drinks and start preparing your own detox water at home in a very simple and even cheap way.

detox waters

What are detox waters?

Detox waters are detoxifying waters, made from natural purified water, rested with natural ingredients such as fruits , vegetables, herbs and spices.

As you have seen, in detox waters the ingredients are not liquefied or squeezed in order to avoid adding extra calories, instead, they slice the fruits or vegetables into thin slices so that they naturally release their flavor into the water.

There have been many medical and even scientific discussions around these waters that are said to be miraculous, and most have come to the same conclusion.

Detox waters arrived to expand and popularize the use of natural water, which had lost ground to processed waters, juices and sodas.

They are not miraculous, but without a doubt, there are multiple benefits of detox waters, being natural water, they provide the benefits of water to the body, as well as an extra amount of vitamins and minerals due to the ingredients with which they rest.

Health benefits of detox waters

First of all, it is important to highlight that detox waters provide the benefits of natural water in the body as a natural purifier, and also offer an extra supply of vitamins and minerals from rested fruits and vegetables.

Here are some of the most important health benefits of detox waters.

If you drink between two and two and a half liters of detox water daily, you can stay hydrated, favoring the proper functioning of your organs. Water also keeps you active, happy, and prevents certain diseases caused by drinking too little water.

Another great benefit is that not only will your organs be in great shape, but your skin, the largest organ of all, will look more radiant.

Detox water to lose weight

Depending on the diet you follow, regular exercise and a correct daily intake of at least two or two and a half liters of detox water will help you lose weight.

There are specific formulas of detox water to lose weight, characteristic for containing lemon, as this is a great astringent and enemy of fat.

Health benefits of detox waters

Ginger and lemon are a good recipe for detox water to lose weight, they promote internal cleansing and the purification of harmful toxins, thanks to their properties.

Benefits of detox waters with antioxidants

In addition, among the benefits of detox waters, is that they can contain an extra supply of antioxidants depending on the recipe you have chosen, without the need to eat fruits, vegetables or seeds, and the calories that this would imply.

Anti-aging detox waters are the most loaded with antioxidants for obvious reasons, they help maintain the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

But not only that, antioxidants are also used to prevent certain serious diseases, such as cancer itself.

Make your own anti-aging detox water with antioxidants, add all kinds of red fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.

Benefits of detox waters in the digestive system

Another benefit of detox waters is that they help maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system.

If you suffer or have suffered from constipation, you should already know that the lack of water causes your digestive system to slow down and cause constipation or lazy intestine.

A very tasty and healthy solution is detox waters, they will allow you to have good intestinal transit and your days of abdominal pain could end.

The detox waters for constipation that will improve the functioning of your digestive system are those that contain fruits and vegetables such as papaya, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, pear, chia, etc.

It is recommended that you drink a glass of detox water or natural water when you wake up, preferably with lemon, to improve various functions of your body and even burn fat.

Also a glass of detox or natural water before eating, at least 30 or 20 minutes before, if possible; and also a glass of detox or natural water before going to sleep.

Benefits of detox waters on mood

Given that water is the main component of the body, 60% or 65%, and that this water is concentrated for the most part inside the cells and the brain, the rest runs through the blood; we can say that it is vital to stay well hydrated.

Has it happened to you that suddenly your head hurts or you are in a bad mood or both at the same time? Surely a good percentage of the possibilities are related to the fact that you are not drinking enough water.

Try to drink at least two or two and a half liters of detox water or natural water daily, you will notice the results if you are dehydrated.

Prevent and help control diabetes and high blood pressure

There are multiple diseases and health complications that can result from the mere fact of not drinking enough water.

We already mentioned some of the above, but more serious ones could be kidney disease, urinary tract infections, liver disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, arthritis, and even brain damage.

The mere fact of drinking enough detox or natural water helps reduce the incidence of these diseases, as well as their recovery.

What happens if I don’t drink enough water?

If we do not drink enough water, the body faces dehydration, which brings with it states of tiredness, weakness, lethargy, dizziness, hallucinations, and confusion, culminating in death.

That is why the human body could go between 30, 40, and up to 70 days without eating (verified cases of hunger strike), but it cannot be without water for that long, since the human body can only resist between 7 and 12 days without drinking water.

This highlights the importance of drinking enough natural water, and that is why the detox has arrived, to make the habit of drinking natural water more fun and rich, with extra vitamins and minerals.