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What can be done to reduce unemployment in Pakistan?


Suzuki Cultus for sale in Islamabad. Intensive resource waste. It is the primary cause of Pakistan’s high unemployment rate.

Therefore. The incomes of people decrease. Many crimes are occurring in Pakistan. As a result of the growing unemployment problem.

It is common for many people. Regardless of their education level. They are idle because they cannot get a job. Not even jobs in offices, schools. Or as clerks.

Apparently, the government’s lackluster education system. It is one of the main reasons why unemployment is so high.

Despite the fact. That parents spend a lot of money. On their children’s education. Jobs are scarce. And indefinable in the current economic climate.

Because of the government. It is so busy filling their own pockets with Pakistani money. It is not taking any action on unemployment in Pakistan.

There are many causes. For the unemployment in Pakistan. But the major ones are listed below:

The education system is poor

Pakistan’s education system is very poor. Sadly. No government took. Worthwhile steps to improve education.

Despite having a poor educational system. For most people. Lack of education. We are still a very uneducated nation.

The unjust educational system. That causes. Many talented students have discontinued. Their studies.

There are several universities. Just sell degrees that have no value for the students. Because they do not gain skills. But I wonder about a good job. Which is not always possible.

Population growth

Pakistan has a large population. According to statistics. It is growing at. An astounding rate of 2.2 percent per year.

The increase in population. It is a result of many factors. Such as lack of awareness. Desire to have a son, etc.

Governments cannot employ large populations.

Although, our country has a lot of natural resources. It is strange to know. That is our nuclear power. Energy is scarce.

There is a lack of technical and skilled labor. That prevents us from exploiting these resources.

Retirement age is high

A lot of deserving people. They are waiting for jobs. Because of the high retirement age of 60 years.

Unemployment in Pakistan. It is directly caused by the government.  They should  boost Suzuki Cultus for sale in Islamabad

As a result of this factor. The people with lower ages. They are in need of employment. Their higher education. It is making them. They are exasperated due to their inability to find employment.

The absence of industries

In Pakistan. The number of industries. They are not increasing. Which is another reason for unemployment.

In developing countries like Pakistan. Lack of capital. It is a leading cause of unemployment.

A lack of savings. It leads to a lack of investment.

Which eventually results.

In a lack of capital formation.

The result of a low rate of capital.

It leads to the accumulation of unemployment.

Pakistan suffers from an acute unemployment problem.

It requires wise leadership in order to be solved.

In order to avoid social revolution. We must deal with it quickly and wisely.

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The government’s effort. It would create nominal employment.


It is counterproductive.


Because it robs the productive sectors of resources.

Those areas are likely to generate. More income and provide. There are more direct and indirect employment opportunities.

There is a higher probability of national income generation. Employment opportunities. Both direct and indirect.

Today’s unemployment is owing to “sifarish”.

Deserving candidates do not get jobs. While those with “sifarish”. They are able to obtain jobs of their choice.