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What does a deep clean involve?

The term deep cleaning refers to the process of cleaning that goes beyond regular maintenance to ensure that all areas of your establishment are kept safely and hygienically.

In addition to vacuuming and mopping daily, maintaining a tidy appearance is also critical to maintaining cleanliness. Still, a deep clean will enlighten you about cleaner areas that are hidden, yet no less important. Usually, deep cleaning takes place during a period of quiet in your business, so the cleaners can thoroughly clean.

Products for cleaning

Following a confirmed or probable case of Covid-19, hospital-grade detergent/disinfectant products are used for cleaning. Both cleaning and disinfecting agents are contained in these products to increase efficiency. During the cleaning, windows are kept open if possible to ensure adequate ventilation.

When should you deep clean your house?

In most cases, deep cleaning is performed after-hours to allow the cleaner to access the area without interfering with the flow of work. Because they must move equipment, desks, cupboards, etc., in areas not normally accessible, they are forced to clean behind them.

The frequency at which a deep clean is performed depends on the business. However, it should follow a full risk assessment to determine whether controls and needs are sufficient. Deep cleanings are most commonly served over a weekend, during shutdowns (Summer, Christmas, or Easter holidays), or every quarter.

A deep clean purpose has:

Cleaning comprehensively: Rather than simply removing the surface contaminants, you also get to your property’s underlying structure and core.

Cleaning non-visually: Cleaning all building areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

A health program: Preventing the growth and spread of bacteria, mold, and germs to ensure the health and welfare of your employees.

Cleaning for productivity: Improving productivity by removing dust mites and allergens, leading to unproductive employees who feel drowsy.

Description: Deep cleaning sometimes reveals emerging health, safety, and hygiene issues that would have gone undetected otherwise.

Ndis cleaning services

To support the varying needs associated with an NDIS plan, our ndis Cleaning Services is approved and tailored. Our furniture cleaning Aiken is tailored to meet the needs of every customer, regardless of differences. We will discuss your needs with you, create a cleaning process that meets your needs, and work out a schedule of services that we will discuss before we start.

Maintaining a clean and tidy space. To ensure everyone lives in a clean and comfortable environment, our team of experts works hard. The prevention of any unnecessary health problems is now, more than ever, a priority thanks to cleanliness, which is a vital aspect of a comfortable life.

We are available during a range of hours and on weekends to support NDIS clients. We use non-toxic cleaning agents to protect your space and the environment, and each member of the Clean As A Whistle team is professionally trained, experienced and fully insured.

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We provide a wide range of cleaning services in Brisbane, considering the challenges that NDIS clients can face. We can match your exact needs to create a minimal impact on your life that will have a maximum effect on your life for the better.

Set up a regular cleaning plan with us to meet your needs, so you don’t need to worry about it. Communication, honesty, transparency, and accountability are of utmost importance. We strive to provide excellent service without causing any frustration.