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What Is A Server Boost?

A server boost is a way for you to add additional benefits to your server or the server of your choice. Perks are shared within the community so anyone on that server can use them. The booster also benefits from unique advantages that only they have access to. Such as the Server Booster role within the community and a Server Booster badge that appears next to their name.

Since anyone can boost a server, anyone who boosts will get these benefits. While the rest of the benefits that come with a boosted server are shared with everyone. To get the enhanced perks, the server must have unlocked the level rewards. There are three tiers in total, and each ads a bit more to the perk pool.

What is a server?

The way Discord works is that it divides communities into servers. A server could be dedicated to your favorite YouTuber. Or it could be a server created by you and your friends for your game nights. It could even be a dedicated place to hang out and chat about your favorite movies. Or about school if you want a server to study with classmates and share ideas.

Servers are given a name by the creator and then the server is further divided into categories and channels. Categories and channels help keep the community organized so discussions don’t overlap. Ensure there is a specific place for everything and make discussions easier to find for other community members.

For example, you might have a server for your game nights. People play lots of different games. So you can configure the server with categories for each game to keep discussions organized. You can also set up multiple voice chat channels so there are specific ones for different activities for example, a channel for raids, a channel for random chats, and a channel for all other game content.

Join a Discord server

Servers can have a seemingly infinite number of members. Some servers are open and you can join at your leisure. The other servers are private and you will need an invitation to join them. To join a private server, you will either need to request to join and that request will need to be approved, or someone will need to send you the invite and you will accept the invite.

Once a member joins a server, they can be assigned a role (or multiple roles) by the community administrators. These roles can dictate what each member is able to do inside a server. Additionally, they can also limit the channels one or more members can see. For example, you might have a channel specifically for admins. And maybe you don’t want anyone other than admins to see or be able to interact with this channel for security reasons. So you can simply prevent any non-admin member from seeing this channel.

What are the features of Discord?

Discord has a pretty big list of features for members. Which makes it a very versatile chat app. Some of the features have already been discussed above. Like the ability to add roles to members, set permissions for members, and the ability to divide server communication into different categories and chat channels.

Discord also lets you share files with other users. These can be images, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, etc., or music files or other types of documents. Free members can upload files up to 8MB in size. DiscordTree members can upload files up to 100MB in size.

You can also share links. Whether it’s a link to a web page or a link to a video that you just want to share with your friends. Videos can also be played directly in Discord so members don’t have to open web pages just to view content. Which is quite handy.

One of the new features added by Discord is called Threads. And these are just as they sound. These are threads that can add even more organization to a chat channel. Suppose you have a chat channel simply labeled as a “general” channel where people can talk about anything. But only you and one or two other members discuss a particular topic. Threads allow you to keep the discussion in that general channel while allowing you to separate it from the rest of the channel’s discussions.

For voice chat, there is a feature called noise cancellation. This will more or less cancel out everything but your voice. So the only thing people hear in your microphone is you speaking. These are just some of the main features. But there are many more. You can find a full list of features here.



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