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What Is Customer Loyalty and How to Build Long-Term Relationships?

Customer loyalty is a sincere sympathy for the company’s products and for the company itself. Loyal customers are willing to pay more confident that they will get the expected quality of products or services. Than to switch to competitors because of cheaper prices.

Loyalty is about retention, but there are differences. Customer retention is specific activities from the company. Promotions, bonuses, gifts, communication with customers. While loyalty is an emotional attachment.

Ways to increase customer loyalty

Thus, it is impossible to force a client to be loyal. But it is possible to organize the work in such a way that sympathy will be natural.

5 ways to increase customer loyalty by making them permanent:

Quality product. This is the basis, because no matter how good you treat the client. But if the products and services are of a low level then the client will choose competitors. While high-quality products the client himself will be happy to recommend to his friends expanding the influence of your brand.

Service and care. The customer must feel a good attitude both before the purchase and after. Before buying it is important to honestly and promptly answer questions. Help with the choice and payment timely deliver products or provide services. Now you can check this for more details about hi visibility workwear

The following 3 steps are important to consider in personal negotiations, business meetings and consultations in order to successfully build long-term relationships with clients:

  • Even if you are tired you need to share a smile, and sincerely. This is not difficult to do if you really want to help the client by recommending this or that product or service of your company’s brand. Customers appreciate a good and sincere disposition. And most likely, in a conversation with friends they can mention good service which again will benefit your brand. And a customer who was served with a smile is more likely to buy again which just speaks of loyalty.


  • Appreciate the time. You need to come to business negotiations and meetings on time no one likes to wait. Moreover, lingering you will be forced to make excuses and this will hit the ease of communication. Which in turn reduces loyalty.


  • Do not ask or force the customer to buy. Your advice about the product should sound like helping the client in choosing it. It is important to strike a balance here. Naturally you are interested in selling the product but not at any price. You talked about the merits of the product or service and the benefits that the client will receive, and then he decides for himself.

These are general rules to help increase customer loyalty. But depending on the business area there are pitfalls that can disrupt relationships. What are the features of the relationship between clients and customers in the field of workwear rental?

Business relations with clients in the field of outsourcing

The workwear outsourcing service is quite new in the Ukrainian market. And only a few companies provide it. When entering the market. We got acquainted with the terms of cooperation between suppliers and customers accepted at that time. They frankly surprised us.

One of the unpleasant discoveries was that in most contracts there were a lot of harsh fines and punishments for the client. And withdrawing from the contract in general was practically impossible.


Having experience in building previous enterprises. The founders of Effitex immediately accepted as an axiom for the future business strategy the principle. Customer loyalty is won by high quality service not fines. Based on this principle our product was originally developed.

We have studied the emerging points of tension and tried to eliminate them as much as possible. Preventing possible inconvenience to customers.

Sincere loyalty is the key to winning customers for life

Our Key Account Strategy

Of course the prevailing practice on the market looked very tempting. You write a notice of termination for a year plus penalties in the amount of annual maintenance. And you sit not worrying about anything. The client has nowhere to go as soon as he regularly pays his bills and endures mediocre service.

Some withdrew from the contract unilaterally and simply stopped paying. Often there were conflicts and proceedings that spoiled the lives of managers.

Brought You Clothes

Imagine a situation when instead of your clothes they brought you clothes from another company, or you are billed for the maintenance of which was not carried out in principle.

How will you react? Write a claim. One, the second … There was no reaction in response. You make a decision to terminate cooperation.

After weighing all the pros and cons, you either put up with poor service, or stop payments under the contract and prepare for possible court cases. At the same time, your employees no longer receive clean overalls, their appearance turns into a caricature.

Surely, these are not the best scenarios for a normal entrepreneur to work.

At the same time, the workwear supplier has been promising to solve the situation for several months, but the result is still the same.

The main problem is that many customers do not imagine that the conditions may be different, and tolerate such an attitude from unscrupulous suppliers.

Sincere loyalty is the key to winning customers for life

People order outsourcing of any service to avoid unnecessary hassle, get a quality product and use money efficiently. We try to realize these wishes as much as possible.

Clients like the fact that our contracts do not provide for any penalties for early termination. They easily pass to us for service.

We believe that people should like our service and we should not keep them by force. On the contrary, thanks to the quality, we expect that customers will recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We conduct regular customer surveys and make adjustments to our cooperation.

If we do not listen to the comments, then it is likely that in the future, they may change their attitude towards us and go to competitors. And as you know, finding a new client is much more expensive than keeping an old one.