Saturday, September 23

What is Powerball? | Rehabilitation Tips

The Powerball is a fitness accessory that is gaining more popularity every day, since with new devices there is more variety of exercises and more escapes from the routine. It’s the size of a ball that fits in your fist, and while it works with the most basic physics, it’s the future. Another of its great benefits is that it is used to rehabilitate the arms and all the muscles involved. If you keep reading you will discover more.

What is power ball? The physics behind the gadget

A 파워볼 전용사이트 is a ball that  contains a gyroscope . What this device does is always maintain its orientation despite the turning movement, that is, it stays in the same place despite the applied force. What happens with that force that is made when turning is converted into vibration and centrifugal force, which the user feels as a weight in his hands. And, at more speed, more weight. Hence, it is especially indicated for rehabilitation. Each one gives you the strength you need and no more.

They usually run at 10,000 revolutions per minute, which is equivalent to a weight of almost 12 kg approximately. Depending on the model it can reach up to 20 or more.

The advantages of a powerball:

It has a low cost . As novel as it is, it’s not as big of an investment as weight equipment might be. The cheapest is around €15 and the most expensive around €100. It all depends on the brand and how sophisticated the device is and how many add-ons it has.

The vibration caused by the gyroscope does not cause impact on the joints . The powerball is used by hand and that means that the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints are exposed to it.

It can be used anywhere . Its small size, like that of a tennis ball, makes it perfect for use on the go. This way you can strengthen yourself during the commute to work, breaks in the office, the beach or the field. It’s not restricted to a gym activity, so it will feel less like a chore.

No batteries, battery or electricity needed.

It is you who starts the gyroscope with your wrist and the rotating force itself makes the LEDs that some models usually have shine. Therefore, it is a very ecological fitness accessory at the energy level.

Increases muscle tone . In reality, this gadget does not increase strength but rather improves muscle tone, allows better joint mobility and releases tension in the flexors. It is very useful with  muscle imbalances  that people who have suffered an injury or athletes have.

Helps  reduce stress . Keeping your attention on following the movement of the gyroscope with your wrist lowers anxiety and stress levels, since the mind is free from thought and only acts. Repetitive movements of this type are very calming.

Using a powerball for rehabilitation:

Hold the device correctly . That is, the hand must be extended trying to cover the largest possible surface. The thumb should especially force on the ball.

Start with a movement that causes the interior gyroscope to start spinning . It should be somewhat abrupt or dry, but always as far as possible.

The movement is done with the wrist and not with the whole arm . We will be focusing attention on her to avoid injuries. A wrist movement implies the movement of the rest of the muscles as well. Only they do it by inertia, since the whole limb forms a whole.

You must follow the gyroscope that will increase in intensity . Once you start moving, the force will increase and therefore also the feeling of resistance that is perceived as more weight. It is normal to have soreness for the first few days despite using it for a short time. We must react with the wrist to forces and vibrations to which it is not getting used to.

Enjoy the process . You are beginning to improve the upper extremities in a new way.