Wednesday, October 4

What types of popular race exist?

Permits, services and insurance

As we have already pointed out before, in popular races it is essential to obtain the necessary permits from the City Council , since it is an event that is usually held on public land.

It is necessary to organize it in time to request the permits, since each City Council/Municipality has different procedures and deadlines. Not all councils have structured procedures, and it can be more difficult to contact the person or department of your interest.

Once the permits have been requested,

it will be the turn of the necessary services (Municipal Police, ambulances) so that the race is organized with full security guarantees. Finally, what type of insurance to contract will be assessed , apart from civil liability, which is mandatory. Resources

Closed the date of the race, you will have to anticipate to obtain all the necessary resources on time. Some are essential, while others can be included depending on the type of experience you want to offer the user.

Essential: marking tape/hurdles, bibs, accident insurance, provisioning,

Prizes, start and finish signaling arches (or other forms of signaling), timing, human resources (staff before, during and after the race for the different areas and functions).

Optional: t-shirts, corporate material, welcome pack, staff such as speakers and photographers, audiovisual material (music or entertainment during the race)

Communication with participants

If, on the one hand, the promotion of the race in local media and on the sector’s website is very important before the event and afterwards to spread the results achieved, we must not forget our main client: those registered for 먹튀검증

It is important that they correctly receive the confirmation email and all the necessary information (the day of the event, instructions, conditions in case of non-participation, collection of numbers, etc.).

You can decide to send successive emails with news about the world of running, training plans, challenges and everything that can motivate you in view of the day of the event.

In addition, any type of alteration or modification of the race must be communicated in advance. And after the race? Thank the participants and send the necessary links to consult the marks and multimedia material.

After the race

Once the event is over, it is important to collect data on the results and communicate the highlights of the race.

It is advisable to publish photos and publications in the RRSS to thank the runners and sponsors, and distribute Press Releases to the interested media to obtain new investments in future events. In this sense, it is important to collect feedback on the positive and negative aspects.

  • A good idea is to send a feedback survey to brokers. It is also advisable to make one for sponsors.
  • Do you want to organize a popular race but you don’t know where to start or who to support?