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Which dash cam is best for truckers?

Like other road vehicles, trucks are vulnerable to unexpected accidents or incidents. However, a truck can create a false sense of security due to the larger size and presence of a typical platform. To avoid the worst-case scenarios or capture them when they become unavoidable, you can use a good camera on the truck’s dashboard. Whether you are an individual truck driver or a fleet manager, take a look at our guide to the best truck camera to meet your needs and increase safety, and capture road events. Read for more information

Best Dash Cam For Truckers

Take events.

Car cameras offer great value when serious accidents occur. With several G-sensor-triggered effects, onboard cameras can capture accident-related details without noticing or remembering when they happened. Therefore, camera video can be used to record events after an accident. Some even work in low-light conditions with night vision or infrared technology.

You can also get small details such as license plates. Increase driver knowledge. Extra driving assistance will never hurt. This is especially true when driving a truck because larger cars face many blind spot challenges. The onboard camera can act as a second pair of eyes and can even offer advanced features such as blind-spot monitoring and alerts.

Add some parking security.

Trucks can be an attractive destination for thieves if they stand on the road all night. However, onboard cameras with dual-lens can give you some kind of convenience, as they record events when the truck is parked. Thieves may not be prevented from entering, but the camera may later provide a police record.

Types of truck cameras

Lens A

The most basic type of camera recorder on the dashboard is a model with a single lens. Thanks to the wide-angle lens for a large field of view, the onboard camera captures everything in front of the lens. While this limits coverage and allows details to be recorded, single-lens settings are more wall-friendly and in most cases may be enough for a truck.

Lots of lenses

Adding more than one camera to the mix will help increase driver coverage and real-time monitoring. Dual-lens on-board cameras are the most common type of multi-lens device. Most usually have two lenses built right into the body to cover the front and interior. Some onboard cameras come as multi-lens kits with additional cameras that you can place around the car.