Wednesday, October 4

Why Exercising Is Important for Healthy Skin?

You all know that exercise is good for your physical and mental health. But do you know it’s beneficial for your skin’s health too? Not just your lungs and heart, working out regularly is also one of the keys to glowing, healthy skin. Many of us just focus on the cardiovascular benefits of exercising or any kind of physical activity. There’s no doubt that any form of physical activity is good for your cardiovascular health. However, anything that promotes blood circulation is equally healthy for your skin. 

People with skin issues like acne, dark spots, discolouration often neglect the role that exercise can play in such conditions. They often worry about using skincare products and medication. Although medication and skin treatments are important, you can’t overlook the importance of exercising. In case of any kind of skin problems or issues, you can get in touch with MDs @Queensway Medical. However, they would also advise you to stay active along with the recommended treatment. 

You may ask why?

This is because staying active or following a workout regime increases the flow of blood and promotes the growth of new skin cells.  Oxygen that your body receives during blood circulation lets your skin breathe and nourishes it with nutrients. It also helps in removing waste or toxins from your body, thus detoxifying your body and cleansing your skin from within. 

If you are unaware, many skin issues are directly linked to poor digestion. In that case also, exercising helps a lot. Working out regularly improves your digestion which in turn gives you a glowing and vibrant skin. Exercise also keeps stress away and can help in reducing stress-induced acne and eczema. Moreover, exercising also helps in curing conditions like PCOD and PCOS. These conditions are bad for your skin as you can get breakouts. Nonetheless, exercising takes care of that as well. 

Points to Keep In Mind When Including Exercise In Your Routine

  • Avoid exercising outdoors during peak sun time. It can expose your skin to the sun and might result in sunburn or skin cancer. If by chance you need to go for a walk or run during peak sun timings, don’t forget to wear water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30 or above.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout your workout. Take water breaks in between and take 2-3 sips of water to keep yourself hydrated and energetic. 
  • Try including swimming in your exercise routine. Swimming is a great exercise and it also keeps your skin cool and hydrated. 
  • Make sure you cleanse your face after 20-30 mins of workout to remove impurities from your skin. Sweat can make your skin develop acne, hence, it is important to cleanse your face after some time of exercising. 

For more information on maintaining vibrant and glowing skin, do get in touch with MDs @ Queensway Medical. They have the required skills and expertise to help you with any skin problems and issues. You can also book a free online consultation with them and learn more about your skin requirements and needs.