Sunday, December 3

Why Is Attack On Titan One Of The Best Anime Series Till Date?

To be called a person of culture, it’s a must that you have seen some of the best anime by the Japanese TV studios since watching anime has become an absolute trend nowadays. Talking about anime, a series that deserves to be spoken of is Attack on Titan, one of the best anime (if not the best) aired to date. Ever since it was aired, anime fanatics have been absolutely addicted to it, binge-watching, talking about it and purchasing Attack on Titan Merchandise. Honestly, the only reason anyone would resist the urge to binge-watch this amazingly detailed anime is if they fear setting the bar too high for their future anime series. Whether you’re a seasoned fan rewatching the series or just a newbie watching anime for the first time, Attack on Titan will blow your mind. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the main reasons you must watch Attack on Titan. Read along to find out why this animated series is so loved that its fans are anxiously waiting for the second part of the finale season that is set to be released in 2022.


1. Unexpected Storylines

The evergoing debate of Manga Vs Anime does apply in this series as well but we can bet on this confidently that there won’t be a single Manga fan who will be disappointed. This is because the visual representation of the Manga storylines in this anime series is just excellent. The producers of the series must be appreciated for the great job they have done effectively presenting the story from the Manga adaptation with just a few changes here and there.

The storyline is quite unexpected overall, with a lot of turns and twists. Full of shocking plotlines that will get you hooked, the Attack on Titan will surely make you come for more. 

2. Great Character Development

The story of this series revolves around the characters living in three concentric walled cities to protect the rest of humanity from Titans (giant beings). The series justifies the use of other characters by balancing out their own stories in the plot, even though the main protagonist of the series is Eren Yeager. Every character makes way for great character development and also serves a unique purpose to the story. Get ready to face a wide range of emotions from admiration to infuriation, with new characters being introduced after every few episodes in this emotional rollercoaster ride of a journey. 

3. Amazing Soundtrack Selection

The kind of soundtrack used is what makes or breaks the success of a great anime series. The Attack on Titan delivers some of the best soundtracks we’ve ever encountered and doesn’t compromise in this regard. The playlist of soundtracks used in this enthralling series will immerse you deep into the scenes, making you feel like you’re the one going through the story arc. Get ready for some real entertainment because the chills and the goosebumps from the music will make each scene much more fascinating.

4. Dark and Violent

Attack on Titans is in no way intended for children, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise because the series is set around human-eating monsters and is rather a dark fantasy. However, not everyone goes around in search of violent and dark content in a series, for which this might not be a plus point for all. This series will be worth it if you don’t mind a little-to-moderate violent action. The gruesome world of Attack on Titan also includes some human villains in addition to the man devouring Titans, making the plotline much more intriguing and keeping you emotionally addicted to the series.


To Wrap Up:

For all the reasons mentioned above, you cannot disagree with the fact that Attack on Titan is indeed an addictive series. If you’re an anime lover looking for Attack on Titan merch, Anime Merchandise Online is where you need to go.