Sunday, September 24

Window Cleaning In Copenhagen

The first impression is crucial. Clean, shiny shop windows bring more sales for your business because they allow a clear view of the goods and thus attract customers to the store. Dirty shop windows, on the other hand, have a downright deterrent effect and are therefore damaging to business. Regular shop window cleaning is therefore essential for shops. Depending on the location and wear and tear of the window surfaces, we recommend professional window cleaning inside and out about once or twice a month.

The Vinduespudser from Jacobsens Rengøring professionally clean shop windows of all kinds in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. Whether boutique in the pedestrian zone, retail stores in the shopping center, wholesale, showroom, gallery, etc. – you can turn to our Copenhagen branch with confidence. Together we will determine a suitable window cleaning cycle. And our experts in Copenhagen will also find a solution for special glass cleaning requirements, such as the removal of foils or graffiti, heavy soiling from construction work, etc.

Glass cleaning at conservatories in Copenhagen

A conservatory is a beautiful but often difficult glass structure that requires special know-how and professional cleaning techniques. After all, a conservatory can only unfold its full effect in your home, hotel or company with clean, streak-free glass surfaces.

Our specialists for glass cleaning in Copenhagen take on this demanding discipline of window cleaning and glass cleaning with the greatest care and in the cleaning frequencies that the glass and roof of your conservatory require. We also remove stubborn dirt without leaving any residue.

Glass elevator cleaning in Copenhagen

Glass elevators are modern, classy and impressive – but only in shiny condition. However, depending on how often they are used, glass elevators unfortunately get dirty relatively quickly. Jacobsens Rengøring also offers professional glass elevator cleaning for companies, facilities, hotels, etc. in Copenhagen and the surrounding area at individually determined, reasonable intervals.

Our Copenhagen specialists clean your elevator system carefully and professionally, taking into account the special requirements of glass elevator cleaning. Whether panoramic glass elevators or passenger glass elevators – you can turn to our contact persons in the Copenhagen branch with confidence. Numerous customers such as property management companies, housing cooperatives, elevator companies and hotels have been doing this for years.

Cleaning of glass facades in Copenhagen

Buildings with glass facades are impressive and representative. However, glass facades and glass constructions quickly become dirty due to environmental and weather influences.

Jacobsens Rengøring Copenhagen has the necessary climbing and lifting technology and the correspondingly experienced specialists to take on the professional glass cleaning for glass facades of any size and height. Our Copenhagen employees have mastered the craft of professional glass cleaning, which is necessary for careful, effective cleaning of a glass facade.

Are you looking for a professional and reliable specialist company for your glass and window cleaning in Copenhagen and the surrounding area? – Then contact our Website in Copenhagen. Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail and comprehensively on the optimal cleaning method and frequency for your property and will prepare an individual offer for you. expert cleaning services:- bond cleaning Gold Coast