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Yogi’s Guide to Meditation

Want to dive deeper into your true self? Ever heard of meditation? It is the ancient yogic technique that helps you connect with the true self. Meditation helps you get rid of unnecessary thoughts and observe them without giving a reaction.

But, sitting for long hours with closed eyes is not that easy task. Your mind has a bad habit of wandering off to some other place during meditation. This creates a major issue that causes many to give up on the practice.

To help you practice this yogic technique, yoga experts have come up with a small guide.

Tips to Keep Mind Focused During Meditation

Given below are 4 tips to help your mind focus on meditation.

1. Count Your Breaths

Your mind likes to stay busy so it helps when you have a task. Breathing is a great way for you to keep the mind busy. Deep breathing with helps relax your body. You can count the inhale and exhale by counting from 1 to 20. If the mind wanders off, don’t worry but start from 1.

2. Try Guided Meditation

There is no right or wrong technique for meditation. One powerful technique is guided meditation. Guided meditation keeps your mind busy through visualization exercises. Therefore, your mind has less room to run around. A certified RYS academy can help you understand and practice guided with ease.

3. Visualize Your Thoughts

In meditation, you should not resist the incoming thoughts but accept them. The things you resist often persist. Therefore, welcoming your thoughts gives you more freedom from trivial things. Remember, your thoughts are like clouds. You do not depend on them nor attach yourself to them. Just watch them float and go away.

4. Daily Practice

Just like you do not ask the heart to stop pumping, you do not ask the mind to stop thinking all of a sudden. But a daily practice helps the mind prepare for what is about to happen. Your mind becomes more still with daily and this helps you slow it down. Join the certified schools of yoga to learn the secret to keeping the mind calm.

Once you start to inculcate these tips into your schedule, some wonderful things start to unravel.

Life-Changing Experiences During Meditation

To help you understand the magic of this yogic technique, Experts have come up with 5 experiences you will definitely have during meditation.

1. Grogginess

Yes! At times you will start falling asleep in the middle of the session. You will experience an indescribable sense of bliss and inner peace. But it will be a bit hard to resist dozing off. Do not be hard on yourself. This is completely normal.

2. Dullness & Confusion

Two most common experiences are confusion and dullness. Yoga experts recommend that you do not worry and let them be. Simply observe the feelings and accept them for what they are. Join a certified RYS academy to learn meditation from the best.

3. Agitation

It is not uncommon to experience agitation when you sit for meditation. Your feet sting, knees ache, and skin burns. This makes it harder for you to relax and be attentive during meditation. Yoga experts recommend that you remain still and focus on the meditation.

4. Inspiration

Daily helps bring all parts of your life into perfect alignment. Positivity becomes a part of your daily life and negative feelings disappear. This is when creative ideas come out and you experience inherent peace and bliss. Join the certified schools of yoga to enter this phase of without any hassle.

5. Peacefulness

In meditation there comes a stage when you experience incredible relaxation. Every care, worry, conundrums, and old traumas go away. Your life enters a happy stage and there is nothing to worry about.

Do you want to let go of all unnecessary stress? Refer to this guide on meditation and how it changes your life completely.


Meditation is the ancient yogic technique to help you dive deeper and discover your true self. Enrol in a certified RYS school to learn and practice this yoga technique under guidance.